Welcome to Circle of Hope, a church in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

As a church in Philadelphia and South Jersey, we are an opportunity to express and explore God’s love in our region, called to resist and restore with the Holy Spirit. We are one church with four congregations (three in Philadelphia, one in South Jersey) and over sixty cells (small circles of ten) that mainly meet in people’s homes throughout the week. It’s all open to you, too!

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At our next Sunday Meetings

Let’s develop our “ears to hear” and listen to the Holy Spirit inviting us to understand both ourselves and inform how we relate. Our world is full of wonders and we want to catch the best things from God in our personal experience of life, the traditions of the church, creation, and our mutual ongoing discernment. We’re going for humility, generosity. Our response to Jesus in the world is “wow.”

This week’s talk:
God Hearing Us

1125 S. Broad St. • 2007 Frankford Ave.
3800 Marlton Pike • 2309 N. Broad St.

New Here? Here are a few basics.
Sunday Meetings are at 5 and 7pm. (Marlton Pike only at 5pm)
Cells meet throughout the week.

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Making the Most of Your Money #2
Golden rules for handling your finances.

Randy Nyce and friends help us with getting a hold of your household finances, credit scores, borrowing.


August 6th at 9:30am. At 2309 N. Broad St.

  Let’s Talk

We have numerous voices that help lead us in our journey of walking in the way of Jesus. Face-to-face and living Christ out in community is always important, but we also provide a host of additional thoughts, meditations, and discussions at our main blog for you to engage and dialogue with. Come stop by a Sunday Meeting or join a cell if you have any other questions, or feel free to contact us via email or phone (check out the “Contact” tab!).

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