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    Want to move to Canada after last night’s debate? I have another way.

    We have bigger fish to fry Some of my friends were talking last night after the presidential debate about how they felt dissatisfied with both Hillary and Trump. They saw glaring weaknesses in both candidates and have a hard time figuring out how to trust them to lead the country.

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    It’s nice to have a good reputation

    There are so many great stories going around about what God is doing this week!! (note double exclamation!!) I look forward to them all being told. Today, let’s start with one about how our bad reputation got healed. A person came to our new meeting in the Northwest. They thought

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    Israel/Palestine: Dismantling Barriers

    Call on Congress to dismantle barriers standing in the way of a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis Join Christians and others around the world in praying, educating, and advocating for a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis this week through the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel. This year’s

  • Circle of Hope compassion team at the 2016 Lupus Loop

    Exercising Compassion

    One of our proverbs here at Circle of Hope is, “We hope compassion is among the first things people notice about us.” Compassion is very deliberately baked into who we are as a community. It is part of our DNA as a body of Jesus followers. We have ensconced compassion into

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    Identity and purpose of the church

    Identity was the word of the year in 2015, according to Dictionary.com and Time magazine. Stories about race, gender, sexuality and nationality dominated the news and academic circles. There was a lot of interest in the way individuals or members of a group are perceived, understood, accepted, or shut out. We

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    Eager To Tell

    On September 11, Circle of Hope birthed a new congregation in a new part of the city. This is our fourth congregation in the city limits and our fifth in the region. We are now into our third week as a congregation and we are gathering people who are curious,

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    Raising my fist with Malcolm Jenkins for the beloved

    Jenkins is right, we have to do something On Monday, during the National Anthem, Eagles veteran safety and team leader Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist to point out racial inequality and injustice. And I raise my fist with him. I’m not trying to sort through all of the politics here, but

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    So you wanted to be a church planter, Jerome?

    The church planting pastor We gave Jerome Stafford a brand new kind of role when we made him our latest Pastor. We call him the “church planting” pastor. That means he is making the contacts out on the edges of our community, he is trying to establish beachheads where we

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    Why we keep the congregations face-to-face

    Why not aspire to be a Hillsongesque mega church with cool people (like Justin Bieber in GQ no less)? Why not achieve notoriety that keeps the curious investigating, attracts money, and makes lots of space for anonymous people to have a private moment with Jesus while the speakers blare and

  • Circle of Hope has conversations on compassion

    A Conversation about Compassion

    I’ve been thinking about compassion a lot lately. In fact, thoughts about what compassion is, and why I want to live compassionately have been going through my mind so much that I’ve actually been dreaming about these questions. Which has been really awesome, and challenging as well. Because when I’m