Ways to “get from here to there.” Here’s some gifts for growing.

We want to give you a monthly onramp to growing in the way of Jesus. The main ways of growth we offer come in our two main meetings every week, the Sunday Meeting and the Cell, but there are numerous opportunities for growth outside of these weekly meetings, opportunities that are a little deeper than simply another event. They are practical ways to “get from here to there” spiritually. Also, in addition to the below opportunities, we invite you to explore our Way of Jesus website which offers an organic cycle of spiritual development: earth, wind, fire, water. The Holy Spirit takes us where we need to grow.

Here are the most recent gifts for growing.

September 24th: New Testament Overview

9:00am at 1125 S. Broad St.

Will O’Brien is the main teacher at a day retreat to explore what’s behind every book of the New Testament. Check it out on Facebook here.


September 26th: Doing Theology – On Theology of Technology

Development Pastor Rod White leads theological dialogue on technology. Check it out on Facebook here.