Ways to “get from here to there.” Here’s some gifts for growing.

We want to give you a monthly onramp to growing in the way of Jesus. The main ways of growth we offer come in our two main meetings every week, the Sunday Meeting and the Cell, but there are numerous opportunities for growth outside of these weekly meetings, opportunities that are a little deeper than simply another event. They are practical ways to “get from here to there” spiritually. Also, in addition to the below opportunities, we invite you to explore our Way of Jesus website which offers an organic cycle of spiritual development: earth, wind, fire, water. The Holy Spirit takes us where we need to grow.

Here are the most recent gifts for growing.

December 5th: About Circle of Hope Meals

At 7pm: Hosted by South Broad, Location TBD, email Rachel for more info.
At 7pm: Hosted by Marlton Pike, Location TBD, email Ben for more info.
At 7:30pm: Hosted by North Broad, Location TBD, email Jonny for more info.

Get to learn about the basics of Circle of Hope.

December 11th: Sunday Morning Meeting for Families

at 1125 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

A morning meeting geared towards children and families.

December 12th: Cell Leader Training

Will your eggnog change the world?: Bringing Jesus to the party

at 1125 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

A time designed especially for cell leaders to develop skills and encourage one another in our common vision.