Ways to “get from here to there.”
Here’s some gifts for growing.

We want to give you a monthly onramp to growing in the way of Jesus. The main ways of growth we offer come in our two main meetings every week, the Sunday Meeting and the Cell, but there are numerous opportunities for growth outside of these weekly meetings, opportunities that are a little deeper than simply another event. They are practical ways to “get from here to there” spiritually. Also, in addition to the below opportunities, we invite you to explore our Way of Jesus website which offers an organic cycle of spiritual development: earth, wind, fire, water. The Holy Spirit takes us where we need to grow.

February 27th: Sunday Meeting Teams Training

at 1125 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Design Teams gather to share inspiration and develop skills for leading Sunday Meetings.

March 1st: Ash Wednesday Observances (Lent Begins)

7:30pm-8:30pm across all congregations. See locations here.

A time to begin Lent thoughtfully and intentionally.

March 4th: Imagining Resistance and Restoration – A Day Retreat for Lent

at 2007 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

There are things we need to resist—inside and out. How do we find the strength to do that? This retreat explores the spiritual resources we have and the challenges we have in accessing them. This will be a contemplative day for people at all levels of faith and discipleship led by Rod and Gwen White and friends. Cost: contribution for pizza lunch or bring your own. If twenty people register, we will have the retreat. Email bethany@circleofhope.net to register.

March 11th: Old Testament Overview

at 1125 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Jim Getz and friends offer an “Earth” event for people who want to know what the Old Testament is all about. Actually, more than newbies will get a brand new look at how the great story of Israel and its collected teaching is put together—and what it means for us today, as Jesus followers. 9-3, $5 for lunch. Sign up required, since space may be limited. bethany@circleofhope.net