Why I might stop watching The Walking Dead

Our obsession with anti-heroes Despite my two kids, I managed to view the season premiere of what was one of my favorite shows: The Walking Dead. I won’t spoil anything for you, not out of principle, but just because the story isn’t really worth telling. It’s just too negative, too vengeful, and too full of violence. […]

Alternativity: Being radical when the world just doesn’t make it easy

This blog post originally appeared on our main blog: circleofhope.net/blog. “Love God and don’t kill people.” This morning Jenna told me that one of her friends could only definitively say that about his faith. “Don’t kill people,” is a manifestly biblical truth (in both the Old and New Testaments), but it is amazing that we […]

Becoming a tiny tot: what we can learn from John the Baptist’s humility

There are a lot of reasons to feel small. We want to embrace being tiny, since it seems like we will inevitably be that way. Fighting our tininess might actually shrink us further. In the tininess of the World, God embraced our tininess and made his home in us. We are his tiny house. People feel tiny because the world […]

Why we need to see Jesus even in the advertisements

This might be my favorite Circle of Hope proverb: Life in Christ is one whole cloth. As we participate in and love “the world,” we bring redemption from the Kingdom of God to our society. Jesus is Lord of all, so we have repented of separating “sacred” and “secular.” It is so generous. It’s trying […]

I can’t keep you safe from Jesus, the author of safety

The safe place. I have been told that overemphasize it. I think that is because there is so little safety in the world. Consider the drama surrounding refugees internationally. Many U.S. governors are nervous about allowing too many refugees into their states and are saying that they won’t let them cross their borders. Most of the […]

You are an essential part of the Body of Christ

I spent a lot of time trying to convince people that they matter. This is not so easy to believ, is it? What are the reasons that people might not think that they matter? For starters let’s just consider electoral politics in this so-called democracy. When political polling occurs, pollsters use a scientific model to […]