Pay attention to the Twinkie money, even if you think it’s boring

Fair warning: this post is about private equity, but don’t stop reading because you think that’s boring. It’s boring on purpose. It’s boring because boring can be ignored. And boring is a great way to take advantage of someone. I am a fan of long-form journalism. You know, the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, The […]

Raising my fist with Malcolm Jenkins for the beloved

This post originally appeared at Jenkins is right, we have to do something On Monday, during the National Anthem, Eagles veteran safety and team leader Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist to point out racial inequality and injustice. And I raise my fist with him. I’m not trying to sort through all of the politics here, […]

Safe enough to ask questions, real enough to get answers

This post originally appeared at A live “Ask Me Anything” I probably had too much fun during our “Ask Me Anything” session the other week (it was at our Sunday meeting, not online though). I really loved the question askers and the content of their questions. The thought-provoking questions that people were asking were […]

First runs now appear at

Hey subscribers, The communication folks have consolidated all our blogs at For now, that means my usual Monday blog will appear there first and here a week later. Rarely, some posts may appear there and not here. Some posts may only appear here because they are less suitable for there. We’ll see how it […]

On the dilemma of self-reference (or #WhyILoveCircleOfHope)

A few people have told me recently that they thought I was being too self-referential. That I was committed to talking more about the “form” rather than the “content.” Put another way, that I was talking more about Circle of Hope than the Gospel. Is that true? You may want to agree or disagree with […]

Why Richard Dawkins is wrong

Iain Provan’s 2014 title, Seriously Dangerous Religion is a defense of the frequently misunderstood and denigrated Tanakh, or to Christians, the Old Testament. While defending it, Provan also seeks to highlight its unique character, one that reflects an equally unique God, showcasing this worldview as different from others and worthy to be understood and analyzed […]