Pay attention to the Twinkie money, even if you think it’s boring

Fair warning: this post is about private equity, but don’t stop reading because you think that’s boring. It’s boring on purpose. It’s boring because boring can be ignored. And boring is a great way to take advantage of someone. I am a fan of long-form journalism. You know, the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, The […]

Why I’ll skip Amazon Go and keep shopping at the Reading Terminal Market

“Let the market alone.” That’s the rule of laissez-faire capitalism. The invisible hand is the discerning factor of the market. Capitalism offers us goods and services and if they sell, that is discernment enough. (The most we should do, according to the strictest capitalists, is modify interest rates.) What is marketable, popular, and sell-able, that is […]

Sharing helps undo my inner Han Solo and George Costanza

Rod tweeted the other day that “alternativity,” a term that we’ve thrown around a lot in Circle of Hope over the last year (just search my posts to see how much I’ve been talking about it), is just that, a word, if it doesn’t have a common purse. One of the most radical things Christians […]

Truth, love, and making peace on Thanksgiving

One of my favorite thinkers Tweeted the other day about the Word of the Year: post-truth. He said: In "post-truth" societies the "father of lies" is having a field-day. — Miroslav Volf (@MiroslavVolf) November 18, 2016 That phrase, “father of lies,” comes from Jesus in John 8 when he’s describing the devil. We live in a world where “truth” is […]

“All things must be done for edification.” One perspective on using non-English language songs in worship.

Our Sunday meeting team leaders often talk about how or when to “use” non-English language songs. In a recent discussion about the issue, I asked one of our leaders, Andrew Yang, to offer his thoughts. I appreciated his perspective so much, I asked him to “blogify” it. — Jonny My guiding principle is that, generally […]

Feeling disillusioned after Trump? I have an idea for you.

I told the pastors this morning I was still sorting through my emotions after Trump’s victory last week. I range from being angry to sad to hopeful. It’s a complicated time for most Americans, it seems. In fact, it seems like less Americans voted this time than in recent elections, which some think is a […]

Why I might stop watching The Walking Dead

Our obsession with anti-heroes Despite my two kids, I managed to view the season premiere of what was one of my favorite shows: The Walking Dead. I won’t spoil anything for you, not out of principle, but just because the story isn’t really worth telling. It’s just too negative, too vengeful, and too full of violence. […]