Why I’ll skip Amazon Go and keep shopping at the Reading Terminal Market

“Let the market alone.” That’s the rule of laissez-faire capitalism. The invisible hand is the discerning factor of the market. Capitalism offers us goods and services and if they sell, that is discernment enough. (The most we should do, according to the strictest capitalists, is modify interest rates.) What is marketable, popular, and sell-able, that is […]

Sufjan’s right: Christians create public space and keep the common good

Advent and, in my opinion, Christianity as a whole, is about creating public places where people can experience the love of God. Unfortunately, the “state” has been propagandizing us to people that it is the keeper of public space and the common good. Of course, one could make that argument if he or she observes […]

Beyond transaction, relating to God intimately and reverently

I think in contemporary worship, as I have argued before, Christians have overemphasized and sometimes prioritized praising a holy and admirable God over a relatable one. We don’t create a intimate relationship, but instead distance ourselves from him. But I think that’s how believers, specifically, have been trained to worship. For those of us who […]

Amazon is the U.S.’s messiah and I hate it.

My head is whirling with ideas and reactions much like Jeff Bezos’ drones might whirl above us if the FAA approves the king of Amazon’s plans. Bezos had the staff at 60 Minutes salivating with anticipation as the Internet monarch (he’s worth $25 billion, apparently) shared his highly innovative idea with the subsidiary of Viacom. […]