Feeling disillusioned after Trump? I have an idea for you.

I told the pastors this morning I was still sorting through my emotions after Trump’s victory last week. I range from being angry to sad to hopeful. It’s a complicated time for most Americans, it seems. In fact, it seems like less Americans voted this time than in recent elections, which some think is a […]

Raising my fist with Malcolm Jenkins for the beloved

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. Jenkins is right, we have to do something On Monday, during the National Anthem, Eagles veteran safety and team leader Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist to point out racial inequality and injustice. And I raise my fist with him. I’m not trying to sort through all of the politics here, […]

In a world full of trouble, Christians can get “whatevered” along with the rest

This was originally posted at circleofhope.net/blog. Love, law, Christian Mingle The basic Gospel of Jesus is all about connecting with God’s love, heart to heart. Anyone can participate. It’s a revolutionary and transformational love — I can tell you my own story (as Rachel was saying last week). But it is a love that can be […]

Why the Brexit has me longing for alternativity

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. I wasn’t sure how to sort through all of the news about Brexit over the weekend. It seems that people are afraid and longing for security. Put another way, I think they are longing for a Savior. And the European experiment hasn’t succeeded in offering them that kind of […]

Alternativity: Being radical when the world just doesn’t make it easy

This blog post originally appeared on our main blog: circleofhope.net/blog. “Love God and don’t kill people.” This morning Jenna told me that one of her friends could only definitively say that about his faith. “Don’t kill people,” is a manifestly biblical truth (in both the Old and New Testaments), but it is amazing that we […]

The third way isn’t about extreme positions or a banal balance

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net. On Sunday I was teaching about Mark 10, the part where the Pharisees offer Jesus a rather controversial question about marriage and divorce to which there was no real contemporary consensus. The Jewish canon sometimes preserved the dialogue more than conclusions, so I think this kind of discussion was […]

As droves leave the church, I see an opportunity, not tragedy

Here’s some bad news for Christendom, but maybe good news for church planters: according to Pew and quoting the New York Times: “Seventy-one percent of American adults were Christian in 2014, the lowest estimate from any sizable survey to date, and a decline of 5 million adults and 8 percentage points since a similar Pew […]

The difference between Circle of Hope and the School District of Philadelphia

One of the reasons my stomach churned when I read about the School Reform Commission and its recent decision was because, for my adult life in Circle of Hope, I’ve been trained to do something totally different and in a totally different way. The SRC is the group that runs the School District of Philadelphia. It […]