Sharing helps undo my inner Han Solo and George Costanza

Rod tweeted the other day that “alternativity,” a term that we’ve thrown around a lot in Circle of Hope over the last year (just search my posts to see how much I’ve been talking about it), is just that, a word, if it doesn’t have a common purse. One of the most radical things Christians […]

How to find your passion during allergy season

This post originally appeared at Bryant called it the comment of the week. It was when Facebook mistranslated Jeremy’s post about his cortado in a way that made it seem like my coffee aficionado friend was giving up coffee. Of course, we were startled. As the conversation proceeded, Jeremy declared he could never quit completely, […]

Toxic it may be, but there’s more to Amazon than that

Although I haven’t been too kind to Jeff Bezos’ empire in the past, I still personally use Amazon more than I do any other retailer. So, the New York Times’ report about what it’s like to work at Amazon caught my eye this week. It’s a long-form piece that dissects how employees have experienced being […]

As droves leave the church, I see an opportunity, not tragedy

Here’s some bad news for Christendom, but maybe good news for church planters: according to Pew and quoting the New York Times: “Seventy-one percent of American adults were Christian in 2014, the lowest estimate from any sizable survey to date, and a decline of 5 million adults and 8 percentage points since a similar Pew […]

I am not the Taco Bell of McDonald’s and Burger King.

I came across Taco Bell’s short film that launched its new breakfast campaign the other day. As McDonald’s experiments with all-day breakfast, the taco fast food chain is helping us realize that it’s time to be done with the tyrannical clown and be free to eat something alternative for breakfast. I love Ad Week’s description: […]

Sufjan’s right: Christians create public space and keep the common good

Advent and, in my opinion, Christianity as a whole, is about creating public places where people can experience the love of God. Unfortunately, the “state” has been propagandizing us to people that it is the keeper of public space and the common good. Of course, one could make that argument if he or she observes […]