Are the candidates making you feel like you don’t have a country?

I grew up in a household that thought that God and His Way could be found in the political system. I went to an Evangelical Free Church and the rhetoric surround God’s will and the United States was almost deafening. I didn’t swallow the Kool-Aid. But when George W. Bush evoked the name of God […]

Learning to trust the content (that’s you), and not the containers

This post originally appeared at Richard Rohr speaks to my heart It’s not so often that I read a book and I find myself physically nodding with the author as if she were speaking to me. This happened recently when I was reading my new favorite Richard Rohr book. To be honest, I generally take […]

Why the Brexit has me longing for alternativity

This post originally appeared at I wasn’t sure how to sort through all of the news about Brexit over the weekend. It seems that people are afraid and longing for security. Put another way, I think they are longing for a Savior. And the European experiment hasn’t succeeded in offering them that kind of […]

The NFL just acknowledged football’s link to CTE: what can Christians learn?

This blog post was originally published at NFL Free Agency is open so football is on the minds of many Philadelphians again. (The Flyers can never seem to catch a break it seems.) Howie Roseman’s apparent mastery of trades and contracts, though, isn’t the top story. It’s all about Jeff Miller’s, the NFL’s senior […]

How we can learn from Han Solo’s substitute dream

Since, it’s made nearly a billion dollars, I think I can keep talking about Star Wars. There’s this great part in the 1977 one where Han Solo starts to question Obi-Wan training Luke in the Force. If you didn’t know, the Force was an energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy. As Obi-Wan […]

I get why you’d run and cover from the church, but there is more to the story

My friend told me he was a Christian despite his postmodern philosophical tendencies, because he couldn’t let go of the fact that Christianity, and Jesus himself, had a claim on him. It was part of who he was and how he has grown. In fact, his love for things like social justice and peace came […]