How being disrupted can change our families, our cells, and our interior lives

This blog post was originally published at Bowenian pyschotherapists have a concept called homeostasis. In my elementary understanding, homeostasis refers to a “normal” state of things, where routines, norms, and rituals are understood by members of a system. Those routines keep things safe and relatively predictable. For dysfunctional families, homeostasis perpetuates that norm. Sometimes a […]

I love the Eagles, but I don’t want to lead like them

Well, the Eagles season is over, and despite what the loud-mouthed governor of New Jersey says, the fans in Philadelphia are the greatest. So great, we are paying attention to the front office politics of our favorite football team down in South Philly even in our anti-climactic offseason. Here’s the latest gossip: After our disappointing […]

What the Eagles and Phillies taught me about leading

We were talking about institutionalization at our rolling council meeting (we call it an Imaginarium) the other night and we were pondering how to get out of it. Institutionalism/zation is something of a pejorative word used to describe groups of people that have become less flexible and organic, and have been bound by supposed objectivity […]