Why I wouldn’t punch a Nazi

“Should a Christian punch a Nazi?” That’s the question I asked my cell last night to get our dialogue going. It’s origin comes from the now infamous suckerpunch the anarchist (presumably) protester delivered to Richard Spencer, the leader of the neo-fascist alt-right movement. I don’t recommend watching this video, but if you do you’ll see […]

Why I can’t be a Christian alone

There’s something alluring about the single-serving life, isn’t there? About living on your own and doing your own thing. There’s some freedom we find in that.  As I get older, I feel like I’m getting more introverted. “Cool” being alone. There is some good to that—solitude is a major part of Christian life. But there’s […]

Are the candidates making you feel like you don’t have a country?

I grew up in a household that thought that God and His Way could be found in the political system. I went to an Evangelical Free Church and the rhetoric surround God’s will and the United States was almost deafening. I didn’t swallow the Kool-Aid. But when George W. Bush evoked the name of God […]

Safe enough to ask questions, real enough to get answers

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net. A live “Ask Me Anything” I probably had too much fun during our “Ask Me Anything” session the other week (it was at our Sunday meeting, not online though). I really loved the question askers and the content of their questions. The thought-provoking questions that people were asking were […]

Confused about the shooting in Orlando? Start with prayer and move to action.

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. I couldn’t help but keep interrupting our North Broad Leaders meeting on Sunday as I was getting notifications about the deadly massacre that happened in Orlando. This tragedy seems to embody some of the main problems in the U.S.: a terrorist killing 49 people at a queer club in […]

I get why you’d run and cover from the church, but there is more to the story

My friend told me he was a Christian despite his postmodern philosophical tendencies, because he couldn’t let go of the fact that Christianity, and Jesus himself, had a claim on him. It was part of who he was and how he has grown. In fact, his love for things like social justice and peace came […]