Feeling disillusioned after Trump? I have an idea for you.

I told the pastors this morning I was still sorting through my emotions after Trump’s victory last week. I range from being angry to sad to hopeful. It’s a complicated time for most Americans, it seems. In fact, it seems like less Americans voted this time than in recent elections, which some think is a […]

Why I might stop watching The Walking Dead

Our obsession with anti-heroes Despite my two kids, I managed to view the season premiere of what was one of my favorite shows: The Walking Dead. I won’t spoil anything for you, not out of principle, but just because the story isn’t really worth telling. It’s just too negative, too vengeful, and too full of violence. […]

Are the candidates making you feel like you don’t have a country?

I grew up in a household that thought that God and His Way could be found in the political system. I went to an Evangelical Free Church and the rhetoric surround God’s will and the United States was almost deafening. I didn’t swallow the Kool-Aid. But when George W. Bush evoked the name of God […]

Learning to trust the content (that’s you), and not the containers

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. Richard Rohr speaks to my heart It’s not so often that I read a book and I find myself physically nodding with the author as if she were speaking to me. This happened recently when I was reading my new favorite Richard Rohr book. To be honest, I generally take […]

Confused about the shooting in Orlando? Start with prayer and move to action.

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. I couldn’t help but keep interrupting our North Broad Leaders meeting on Sunday as I was getting notifications about the deadly massacre that happened in Orlando. This tragedy seems to embody some of the main problems in the U.S.: a terrorist killing 49 people at a queer club in […]

Jesus’ award acceptance speech and what Taylor Swift can learn from it

I didn’t get to watch the Grammy’s but I did hear about them. One critic called the Grammy’s a demonstration of how stodgy the Academy was. So it looks like I didn’t miss much. But I did see that I missed Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance (here’s a recap); and much like Queen Bey, Kendrick’s saying something. […]

For Tamir our hope isn’t in the law, but it can help

Maybe it’s because I have very low expectations of our justice system and, particularly, how it prosecutes law enforcement officers, but I was not surprised when I heard that 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s killers were not indicted. Despite my lack of surprise, it was a distressing confirmation of the reality of who has the keys to […]