Why I’ll skip Amazon Go and keep shopping at the Reading Terminal Market

“Let the market alone.” That’s the rule of laissez-faire capitalism. The invisible hand is the discerning factor of the market. Capitalism offers us goods and services and if they sell, that is discernment enough. (The most we should do, according to the strictest capitalists, is modify interest rates.) What is marketable, popular, and sell-able, that is […]

Safe enough to ask questions, real enough to get answers

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net. A live “Ask Me Anything” I probably had too much fun during our “Ask Me Anything” session the other week (it was at our Sunday meeting, not online though). I really loved the question askers and the content of their questions. The thought-provoking questions that people were asking were […]

Seeing Jesus in Christmas, no culture war required

The best way to maintain the status quotient in a nation-state, according to my undergraduate thesis on radical revolutionary groups in Mexico, Egypt, and Italy, is to make sure that there are is a war between groups of people that can neutralize one another. So often, in human conflict and global economic conflict even, there […]