Sufferers need more than patronizing platitudes for comfort

This blog post was originally published at I think you know that we’ve been saying that our suffering is not for nothing this Lent. It’s our theme for the season. But isn’t it a little grandiose to say that our suffering makes a difference? Someone recently told me it was a bit patronizing and […]

The poor you will always have with you, but maybe not in Philly

We are in Holy Week in Circle of Hope and we are journeying with Christ toward his death. In Matthew’s account of Jesus’ final week, he spent time visiting with some of his closest friends in Bethany. He made stayed there after he triumphantly entered Jerusalem. Matthew and Mark don’t identify who the woman is, […]

Worship as transcendence

Being wholly and fully independent of all of the evil manifestations of the world around us. That’s one definition of transcendence. We really do believe that Jesus gives us the opportunity to overcome and redeem the whole world. In his Final Discourse, in the moment of despair, Jesus encourages disciples. Though death is coming, resurrection […]