The proverbs of Sam Hinkie and what he didn’t get

This post originally appeared at I jokingly posted to our Share Board last week that the Philadelphia 76ers were looking for a new general manager and president of operations. This was after Sam Hinkie, who has become notorious in Philadelphia for the unconventional way he has led our basketball team, announced his resignation. I […]

I love the Eagles, but I don’t want to lead like them

Well, the Eagles season is over, and despite what the loud-mouthed governor of New Jersey says, the fans in Philadelphia are the greatest. So great, we are paying attention to the front office politics of our favorite football team down in South Philly even in our anti-climactic offseason. Here’s the latest gossip: After our disappointing […]

The difference between Circle of Hope and the School District of Philadelphia

One of the reasons my stomach churned when I read about the School Reform Commission and its recent decision was because, for my adult life in Circle of Hope, I’ve been trained to do something totally different and in a totally different way. The SRC is the group that runs the School District of Philadelphia. It […]

Not only did he stay at the table, Jesus kept his followers there too

I came across an article last week during seminary orientation. It is a Palmer tradition to use this piece to orient incoming students. “Staying at the table” was a theme for us. I was glad to read the article and discuss the importance of not quitting and staying connected to community even when things are […]