The third way isn’t about extreme positions or a banal balance

This post originally appeared at On Sunday I was teaching about Mark 10, the part where the Pharisees offer Jesus a rather controversial question about marriage and divorce to which there was no real contemporary consensus. The Jewish canon sometimes preserved the dialogue more than conclusions, so I think this kind of discussion was […]

When it comes to sex, strings are always attached; let’s bind ourselves to Jesus

Sex is a perennial topic on my blog because of how obsessed we are with the subject and how bad Christians are at taking about it. It’s all black-and-white, perfect-or-not. I’m not sure I’m much better, but I at least want to start a dialogue. The way Jesus defines healthy sex when he speaks about marriage is […]

I love Jesse and Céline, but here’s where they could improve

I used really be into indie films in college. Richard Linklater was a hero of mine. I remember sitting at Temple Towers on Weegie’s bed watching the Before Sunrise and Sunset movies and swooning over Julie Delpy and enamored with Ethan Hawke as they had a beautifully romantic, random interaction. Though they are dialogue-heavy, Hawke […]