Are you too busy to follow Jesus?

There are so many things that fill up our minds and hearts. We have jobs, families, friends, children, school, homes, leases, anxiety, depression, insecurity, conflicts, and lots of other stuff. We are busy. We are occupied; we are pre-occupied. We sometimes have trouble sleeping enough, exercising, eating well, going on vacation even, putting away our […]

Three of the most impractical things about following Jesus

Maybe being a Christian feels so impractical because we are resisting the judgment, the authority, and the governance of the world around us. We are resisting much of what we have been taught. Paul tells the Philippians that it is like a “peace that surpasses understanding.” Following Jesus may not always make sense to us. To […]

The poor you will always have with you, but maybe not in Philly

We are in Holy Week in Circle of Hope and we are journeying with Christ toward his death. In Matthew’s account of Jesus’ final week, he spent time visiting with some of his closest friends in Bethany. He made stayed there after he triumphantly entered Jerusalem. Matthew and Mark don’t identify who the woman is, […]

For Ferguson, Jesus has a different path for those with and without power

I was up late on Tuesday night watching the #evangelicals4justice Twitter feed. It was discouraging to hear the news that the grand jury in the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown trial decided not to indict Wilson, to me. I was telling my cell last night that I figured that the justice system, a primary perpetrator of racism […]