Why I’ll skip Amazon Go and keep shopping at the Reading Terminal Market

“Let the market alone.” That’s the rule of laissez-faire capitalism. The invisible hand is the discerning factor of the market. Capitalism offers us goods and services and if they sell, that is discernment enough. (The most we should do, according to the strictest capitalists, is modify interest rates.) What is marketable, popular, and sell-able, that is […]

Learning to trust the content (that’s you), and not the containers

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. Richard Rohr speaks to my heart It’s not so often that I read a book and I find myself physically nodding with the author as if she were speaking to me. This happened recently when I was reading my new favorite Richard Rohr book. To be honest, I generally take […]

Toxic it may be, but there’s more to Amazon than that

Although I haven’t been too kind to Jeff Bezos’ empire in the past, I still personally use Amazon more than I do any other retailer. So, the New York Times’ report about what it’s like to work at Amazon caught my eye this week. It’s a long-form piece that dissects how employees have experienced being […]