“All things must be done for edification.” One perspective on using non-English language songs in worship.

Our Sunday meeting team leaders often talk about how or when to “use” non-English language songs. In a recent discussion about the issue, I asked one of our leaders, Andrew Yang, to offer his thoughts. I appreciated his perspective so much, I asked him to “blogify” it. — Jonny My guiding principle is that, generally […]

Feeling disillusioned after Trump? I have an idea for you.

I told the pastors this morning I was still sorting through my emotions after Trump’s victory last week. I range from being angry to sad to hopeful. It’s a complicated time for most Americans, it seems. In fact, it seems like less Americans voted this time than in recent elections, which some think is a […]

In a world full of trouble, Christians can get “whatevered” along with the rest

This was originally posted at circleofhope.net/blog. Love, law, Christian Mingle The basic Gospel of Jesus is all about connecting with God’s love, heart to heart. Anyone can participate. It’s a revolutionary and transformational love — I can tell you my own story (as Rachel was saying last week). But it is a love that can be […]

Confused about the shooting in Orlando? Start with prayer and move to action.

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net/blog. I couldn’t help but keep interrupting our North Broad Leaders meeting on Sunday as I was getting notifications about the deadly massacre that happened in Orlando. This tragedy seems to embody some of the main problems in the U.S.: a terrorist killing 49 people at a queer club in […]

Alternativity: Being radical when the world just doesn’t make it easy

This blog post originally appeared on our main blog: circleofhope.net/blog. “Love God and don’t kill people.” This morning Jenna told me that one of her friends could only definitively say that about his faith. “Don’t kill people,” is a manifestly biblical truth (in both the Old and New Testaments), but it is amazing that we […]