Truth, love, and making peace on Thanksgiving

One of my favorite thinkers Tweeted the other day about the Word of the Year: post-truth. He said: In "post-truth" societies the "father of lies" is having a field-day. — Miroslav Volf (@MiroslavVolf) November 18, 2016 That phrase, “father of lies,” comes from Jesus in John 8 when he’s describing the devil. We live in a world where “truth” is […]

Are the candidates making you feel like you don’t have a country?

I grew up in a household that thought that God and His Way could be found in the political system. I went to an Evangelical Free Church and the rhetoric surround God’s will and the United States was almost deafening. I didn’t swallow the Kool-Aid. But when George W. Bush evoked the name of God […]

Why I am marched against the DNC last week

This post originally appeared at Speaking truth to power With the DNC in Philly, our town has warmly (literally) received thousands of visitors intent on making the powers hear their voices. The powers have set their stage at the Wells Fargo Center and the people are marching. As a church planter and peacemaker, I […]

Confused about the shooting in Orlando? Start with prayer and move to action.

This post originally appeared at I couldn’t help but keep interrupting our North Broad Leaders meeting on Sunday as I was getting notifications about the deadly massacre that happened in Orlando. This tragedy seems to embody some of the main problems in the U.S.: a terrorist killing 49 people at a queer club in […]

How being disrupted can change our families, our cells, and our interior lives

This blog post was originally published at Bowenian pyschotherapists have a concept called homeostasis. In my elementary understanding, homeostasis refers to a “normal” state of things, where routines, norms, and rituals are understood by members of a system. Those routines keep things safe and relatively predictable. For dysfunctional families, homeostasis perpetuates that norm. Sometimes a […]

In speaking to many Christians, Greg Boyd misses a few

I wrote this brief review of Greg Boyd’s Myth of a Christian for a denominational Core Course. I thought I’d share it here too. Greg Boyd, a pastor of Woodlands Church in St. Paul, writes Myth of Christian Nation within the context of the push-back he received when he offered a sermon series called “The Cross and […]