The enslavement of not having a master

How our options trap us How do our material options and economic liberties complicate our spiritual life? The freedom in Christ lacks the kind of submission to Him that one may think causes our choices to be easier. Our American life of freedom and liberty is full of complicated decisions. In this context, our passion, our heart […]

Why the facts of the matter aren’t all that does matter

My interest piqued for a few reasons when this article about millennial social justice authoritarianism (a term coined by the pseudonymous author) popped into my newsfeed: 1) Any article generalizing about my generation is very interesting because it is almost certainly false to a degree. Generalizations are definitively flawed. 2) I have been a victim of the thought […]

Paul in Athens teaches us how to bring the Gospel into the present

The characters in Acts are changing the world. Paul and his comrades are trying to soften stiff-necked, hardheaded unchanging people. Paul is bringing a revolution to the Jewish faith and opening up the gates of Christianity. But on the other side are the Gentile traditions that are very different their approach to the world philosophically. That […]

Nietzsche misses the point: Jesus changes our desire

For some of us, Lent is about darkness and grieving. Some of us can’t bear the oppression and condemnation that is associated with Lent or Christianity at large. Somewhere along the way, it seemed like how wicked we are became a prominent feature of Christianity. So much so, that postmodernists like Nietzsche relativized what wickedness […]