Safe enough to ask questions, real enough to get answers

This post originally appeared at A live “Ask Me Anything” I probably had too much fun during our “Ask Me Anything” session the other week (it was at our Sunday meeting, not online though). I really loved the question askers and the content of their questions. The thought-provoking questions that people were asking were […]

Confused about the shooting in Orlando? Start with prayer and move to action.

This post originally appeared at I couldn’t help but keep interrupting our North Broad Leaders meeting on Sunday as I was getting notifications about the deadly massacre that happened in Orlando. This tragedy seems to embody some of the main problems in the U.S.: a terrorist killing 49 people at a queer club in […]

How to find your passion during allergy season

This post originally appeared at Bryant called it the comment of the week. It was when Facebook mistranslated Jeremy’s post about his cortado in a way that made it seem like my coffee aficionado friend was giving up coffee. Of course, we were startled. As the conversation proceeded, Jeremy declared he could never quit completely, […]

What if I’m too depressed or anxious to be in a cell?

In the United States, this really isn’t a surprise that our depressrion or anxiety might . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in 2001 that one in ten individuals are depressed. That’s an amazing figure. According to the CDC, middle-aged, women, people of color (mainly Black and Latino), unemployed, and people without insurance […]