Letting our actions speak for us

Judgmental, hypocritical, anti-gay. Millennials choose those three words to describe the church. In an era of people increasingly losing faith and a construction of personal realities (which is really just a submission to some other evangelical force), building the church can be hard. Especially with such a bad reputation. So often our words are hypocritical and […]

For Ferguson, Jesus has a different path for those with and without power

I was up late on Tuesday night watching the #evangelicals4justice Twitter feed. It was discouraging to hear the news that the grand jury in the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown trial decided not to indict Wilson, to me. I was telling my cell last night that I figured that the justice system, a primary perpetrator of racism […]

Drafting Michael Sam doesn’t solve the problem of prejudice

The Apostle Paul, lover of all, is an example to us of Jesus’ endless forgiveness and his eternal love, one without condition or prejudice. Though you might not think of him as that, in his day-in-age pPaul was majorly progressive. And He was because Jesus brought him there. Here’s what he tells the Corinthians: “From […]