When it comes to sex, strings are always attached; let’s bind ourselves to Jesus

Sex is a perennial topic on my blog because of how obsessed we are with the subject and how bad Christians are at taking about it. It’s all black-and-white, perfect-or-not. I’m not sure I’m much better, but I at least want to start a dialogue. The way Jesus defines healthy sex when he speaks about marriage is […]

I love Jesse and Céline, but here’s where they could improve

I used really be into indie films in college. Richard Linklater was a hero of mine. I remember sitting at Temple Towers on Weegie’s bed watching the Before Sunrise and Sunset movies and swooning over Julie Delpy and enamored with Ethan Hawke as they had a beautifully romantic, random interaction. Though they are dialogue-heavy, Hawke […]

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting: on the legacies Woody Allen and John Howard Yoder

A recent post I wrote got me thinking about violent offenders in the NFL and how we might respond to them. In a capitalist society, it seems like our forgiveness is often dependent on whether or not the product that the offender was offering was worthy of consumption or not. One of the reasons that […]

My heart broke watching Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine spoilers follow. Since I loved Midnight in Paris so much (really it warmed my heart), I was looking forward to watching Woody Allen’s latest offering Blue Jasmine. The story that Woody Allen depicts revolves around a post-Great Recession United States where a super-wealthy couple falls apart and loses their stolen wealth, comparing and […]