Why I wouldn’t punch a Nazi

“Should a Christian punch a Nazi?” That’s the question I asked my cell last night to get our dialogue going. It’s origin comes from the now infamous suckerpunch the anarchist (presumably) protester delivered to Richard Spencer, the leader of the neo-fascist alt-right movement. I don’t recommend watching this video, but if you do you’ll see […]

Why I can’t be a Christian alone

There’s something alluring about the single-serving life, isn’t there? About living on your own and doing your own thing. There’s some freedom we find in that.  As I get older, I feel like I’m getting more introverted. “Cool” being alone. There is some good to that—solitude is a major part of Christian life. But there’s […]

Pay attention to the Twinkie money, even if you think it’s boring

Fair warning: this post is about private equity, but don’t stop reading because you think that’s boring. It’s boring on purpose. It’s boring because boring can be ignored. And boring is a great way to take advantage of someone. I am a fan of long-form journalism. You know, the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, The […]

Truth, love, and making peace on Thanksgiving

One of my favorite thinkers Tweeted the other day about the Word of the Year: post-truth. He said: In "post-truth" societies the "father of lies" is having a field-day. — Miroslav Volf (@MiroslavVolf) November 18, 2016 That phrase, “father of lies,” comes from Jesus in John 8 when he’s describing the devil. We live in a world where “truth” is […]

Feeling disillusioned after Trump? I have an idea for you.

I told the pastors this morning I was still sorting through my emotions after Trump’s victory last week. I range from being angry to sad to hopeful. It’s a complicated time for most Americans, it seems. In fact, it seems like less Americans voted this time than in recent elections, which some think is a […]