“All things must be done for edification.” One perspective on using non-English language songs in worship.

Our Sunday meeting team leaders often talk about how or when to “use” non-English language songs. In a recent discussion about the issue, I asked one of our leaders, Andrew Yang, to offer his thoughts. I appreciated his perspective so much, I asked him to “blogify” it. — Jonny My guiding principle is that, generally […]

Safe enough to ask questions, real enough to get answers

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net. A live “Ask Me Anything” I probably had too much fun during our “Ask Me Anything” session the other week (it was at our Sunday meeting, not online though). I really loved the question askers and the content of their questions. The thought-provoking questions that people were asking were […]

Beyond transaction, relating to God intimately and reverently

I think in contemporary worship, as I have argued before, Christians have overemphasized and sometimes prioritized praising a holy and admirable God over a relatable one. We don’t create a intimate relationship, but instead distance ourselves from him. But I think that’s how believers, specifically, have been trained to worship. For those of us who […]

Worship as transcendence

Being wholly and fully independent of all of the evil manifestations of the world around us. That’s one definition of transcendence. We really do believe that Jesus gives us the opportunity to overcome and redeem the whole world. In his Final Discourse, in the moment of despair, Jesus encourages disciples. Though death is coming, resurrection […]