We call them Sunday Meetings. Let’s Gather.

Our Sunday Meetings are held every Sunday (5pm and 7pm) at our various congregations.

About our Sunday Meetings...

The congregations meet publicly. Most of the time we meet on Sundays, but we have events and other meetings all through the year at various times.

Our church flies on two wings and the Sunday Meetings are one of the wings. They are our public and prophetic face, designed to gather the body in a way that Jesus can be seen, the truth can be told, and spiritual habits can be formed. If we can’t act as a whole and be open to everyone who needs a place to begin their journey, we are probably flying in circles.

At every meeting, we are open to everyone who will work with what we’ve got planned for the hour or so we are together. At different locations and at different times of the year the meetings will have a new look—we’re always in one season or another. But they will always have some consistent ingredients in the “stew.” We worship in many styles and a variety of languages, but primarily in English. We listen to each other, and one of our pastors generally teaches. We have time to get to know people and to share in our common enterprises.

At our next Sunday Meetings

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 to 7), Jesus flipped the world upside-down from the inside-out. It starts in the heart and expands to practices and behavior of people in community. It is not just about getting the right ideas but being brought into a new community with purpose. This season we’re looking at Jesus’ profound speech and how it inspires spiritual practices and disciplines that add longevity and joy to the movement of God’s Spirit. Let’s move inside out with Jesus.

This Week’s Talks:




Ongoing worship and talk at our new congregation in the Northwest

New Here? Here are a few basics.
Sunday Meetings are at 5 and 7pm. (Marlton Pike only at 5pm)
Cells meet throughout the week.