Our church in Fishtown

2007 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Sunday Meetings at 5 and 7 p.m.
Cells throughout the week.

About Frankford Ave.

We’re bringing that Gospel, that is the Good News of Jesus, to the present time and place with great flexibility. We’re figuring out what’s kept people from joining the church and wondering if we should let those things go so that people can see Jesus more clearly. Jesus loves us, and too often we see Christians hating people—especially the weak and marginalized. Here, we embrace everyone, and meet them right where they’re at. For example, many people have been oppressed and injured by the church because of their gender and sexuality. We want to make up for that, so we are careful to welcome and include everyone as they are. And more than that, all people of any gender or sexual orientation are bearers of the image of God and therefore fully gifted and responsible to lead, teach, and serve among us.

We intend to keep all the great things God has given through the church of the past and be totally at home in our own time, ready and able to relate to the people of our day. Jesus has saved the world and is saving us already. We’re looking for people who want to participate in that work. That work isn’t just in our heads or hearts, it’s in our bodies. We want to make Philly a better place. We’re trying to form an authentic community that can adapt to our culture without getting consumed by it. We’re a peace- and justice-loving community that wants to learn from the people around them (that’s you!), and model the very nature of Jesus. We want to do so by being a community you can trust in which you may start following Jesus yourself. When you’re a part of us, people get to know Jesus because they get to know you.

Meet Our Pastor

Image contains: Jonny Rashid, smiling
Jonny Rashid, Pastor at 2007 Frankford Ave.
[email protected] @jonnyrashid

I didn’t think I’d be a pastor when I first showed up to Frankford Ave. almost fifteen years ago. I was looking for a place I could call home, a place that would “get me,” include me, welcome me. Egyptians who are rebelling from their oddly Evangelical upbringing can’t really find a place to call home. My faith was teetering. Post-9/11, the War on Terror looming, I didn’t know if I could find Christians that wanted to actually love their neighbor. I found that with Circle of Hope. Not just because of our commitment to peace, but also because someone remembered my name! That changed my life and saved my faith. I finally found Christians that didn’t make me ashamed of my faith!

I began serving as pastor in September 2010 when we launched our first second generation multiplication. Just like our cells, our congregation multiply. We want to keep making space for the next person (maybe you). Our congregation on North Broad was the first multiplication from a multiplication. In September of 2018, that congregation consolidated with the one on Frankford Ave., and I began serving there primarily. Before pastoring, I was a social studies teacher in Philly. I’m a big-time Bible and theology nerd. I love home-cooking: baking bread and dessert, and smoking big cuts of meat in my North Philly backyard. I love and hate Philly sports. And I write about all that and more on my blog, more than self-expression.

What To Expect

Where is it?

We meet in the heart of the arts corridor on Frankford Ave just above Norris St. Two doors north of what was once Rocket Cat Cafe, we gather on the first floor on Sundays.

What’s it like?

It’s an opportunity to explore and express God’s love. Take advantage of what you can. There’s usually singing to get us together and our hearts moving toward God in worship. There’s a speech when the pastor or someone else engages us in ways we can do that exploring and expressing. Often there’s a chance to talk back with questions and stories. It’s all up for grabs. Don’t feel like you have to do anything. Come as you are, be as you are, and see what God does.


There is usually plenty of parking on both sides of Frankford Ave between Norris & Susquehanna.

Public Transport

Take the Market-Frankford El to the Berks Stop. Walk one block North (towards Liberty Choice) and make a right on Norris St. One block more and you’ll see us across the street on your left. If you are taking the bus, the #5 stops at our corner.


Kids age 6 mos. through 3rd grade get to hang out with our team of dedicated caregivers and teachers. They get a snack and have fun leaving their parents free to fully participate in the meeting. At the 5 p.m. there are usually more kids thus more structure. At the 7 p.m. we have people ready to hang out with your children as well.

In-Between Time

After and before our meetings we hang out with snacks to create community and conspire for goodness. Come early or stay after to join us.

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