Our church in South Philly

2212 South Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Sunday Meetings at 5 and 7 p.m.
Cells throughout the week.

About South Broad

We come from all over the area to worship at 2212 South Broad St.—from Fairmount to Delco to University City and beyond! Our regional diversity adds to the flavors of art and music and spiritual food and sometimes actual food we enjoy. We love being right in the heart of the city, in a real neighborhood between City Hall and the stadiums. New friends keep moving in all around us, and we welcome the life that they bring. In fact, we welcome everyone to the table of partnership with God. Our meetings are about exploring that partnership, and building a community that is stronger than the categories that separate people. You don’t have to have it all worked out to be included! We are an opportunity to explore. We’re certainly not perfect, but God is doing a good work in us. Everyone brings something unique to the table, and we rely on dialogue to keep moving forward.

Moving forward looks like making a difference in the world right now, both locally and globally. Our compassion teams provide practical support for children, immigrants, the incarcerated, and more. We adopt schools and create green spaces and protect watersheds and affordable housing. We know that Black Lives Matter. We nurture village parenting because kids are important and so are their grownups. We generate hope all over the city, beyond the walls of our meetings, because real hope has been given to us. Come and see.


Rachel Sensenig, Pastor at 2212 S. Broad St.
[email protected]

I made a covenant with Circle of Hope in 2003 and was called into pastoral leading in 2010. Before that, I worked in HIV community mental health here in Philly for 12 years with my Masters of Social Work. I’m passionate about people getting to know God together, especially in the organically growing small groups that we call “cells”—like cells of a body—because God became human to be with us, and His life is magnified in us together. I love questions about life and spirituality, the beauty of the natural world, cooking for people, creating music, advocating for peace and justice, and carving out space for silence and contemplative prayer. I live in South Philly with my husband Jeff and two children, who are now taller than me. 🙂

What to Expect

Where is it?

We meet at 2212 South Broad, between Jackson and Wolf Streets. We’re right across the street from Starbucks in a white brick building with trees out front. If you’re taking the subway, Snyder is our closest stop.

On the first Sunday of every month we also meet at 1125 South Broad St. for our new “Late Nite” Sunday meetings at 7:30pm!

What’s it like?

A spiritual meal. We hope you’ll receive something nourishing from God, so get what you can. It’s also an opportunity to give what you’ve got, to participate in the work of your transformation and the transformation of others, even just by showing up. There’s usually singing to get us together, and a speech that invites us to ponder what God is doing in our time and in our lives, with the help of scripture and prayer. Often there’s a chance to talk back with questions and stories. You’re welcome to jump in, or just observe. But we hope that you receive a touch from God, and a chance to meet some like-minded people.


There is parking on Jackson, Wolf, and South Broad streets.

Public Transport

Broad Street Subway: Get off at the Snyder subway stop. Walk south away from Center City.


Kids age 6 mos. through 3rd grade get to hang out with our team of dedicated caregivers and teachers, who all have childcare clearances. There’s plenty of space for them to play and learn while adolescents and adults are free to participate in the meeting. At age-appropriate levels the children are offered snacks, stories, songs, and opportunities to create, all with an emphasis on getting to know them and caring for them as the beloved people they are! Parents and caregivers can let the team know of special needs when they sign in, and they’ll be contacted via text during the meeting if their children need them.

In-Between Time

After and before our meetings there’s time to meet people and talk over snacks. Stay if you want, but go if you need to. It’s another opportunity to build community and conspire for goodness.

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