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We’ve moved our main site to here: circleofhope.church

Bear with us as this site will be under construction for a little bit. This site is intended to be a deeper resource site, a sort of “telephone book” to certain resources that will not be on the main website. See a list of those resources below and accessible by the menu above.

Prayer/Spiritual Development

Celebrating our Transhistorical Body – The Body of Christ is thousands of years old. There are millions to remember but this blog is a collection of those who have influenced us the most. It continues to grow and change just like us. Each entry has scripture, a story and suggestions for action that help you relate, pray and act.

Daily Prayer :: Water – At this site we will enjoy many different voices who are being asked to take a week or two at a time to lead us. They may have a theme to follow at times, especially when the pastors are taking their turns, they may lead us through a book, or just give us what they think we need. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Way of Jesus website found here.

Daily Prayer :: Wind -This is a 365-day journey for everyone who is taking their next steps of faith or first steps into a relationship with Circle of Hope. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with The Way of Jesus website found here. Start wherever we are in the calendar and move through the year with a daily dose of Bible, meditation, and suggestions for action. In a year you will have grown in ways that we can’t predict but hope you’ll share with us.

Way of Jesus – Our life of faith is all about moving along the way of Jesus. This website is all about helping each other get “from here to there” along that way. Following Jesus develops like all human development. We see ourselves moving from earth to wind to fire to water in an ongoing, organic process of receiving and enjoying our new, true selves in Jesus.


Share Board – A listserv for sharing of all kinds.

Vision Making

Allies – We are always looking for what God is doing next. In our movement with the Spirit, we have met fellow travelers along the way. This list gives you an idea of the diversity of people with whom we are journeying, the friends and organizations connected to Circle of Hope.

Mission Teams – A deeper look at our Mission Teams.

Compassion Teams – A deeper look at our Compassion Teams with individual pages.

The Compass – A quarterly reflection on our Map, filled with Stories, Goal updates, Mutual Finances and more.

Making a Covenant – An update on the latest making Covenant with Circle of Hope. Updated quarterly.

Village Parenting at Circle of Hope – Blog for ongoing article on Village Parenting.