Cells are places of sharing and connection.
Join one!

Though we are a church of four congregations in Philadelphia and South Jersey, we also meet throughout the week in small groups of ten we call “cells.”

◍ Why form a cell?

You Will Benefit

People grow into who they were meant to be and are healed from what they have been when they participate in mutual relationships of love and truth. Life is more than work or recovering from your job. Being part of a group that has your best interests at heart is not only fun, it also deepens your experience of life.

Others Will Benefit

The world can be a lonely and hurting place, so Jesus called out people to form the church. A cell is a “micro” church in which people come together to make a safe place for others to find love and explore truth. You are important to others.

A Vision for a Better World

People have problems. The whole world has problems. How can we each be part of solving them? It won’t be by merely sitting alone and looking out for ourselves. Joining with others to explore life’s possibilities and solutions can bring remarkable results, whether you are a believer or not.

Joining a cell group means being part of a team of people committed to you and committed to making a difference.

◍ How do cells work? How do I get involved?

Everyone Helps Set Direction

Each group will have its own unique character that reflects the people who join it. But each cell includes, in varying degrees: time for mutual support, time for learning, and possibly a time for caring for people outside the group. The specific combination will be decided by each cell group.

Healthy Cells Multiply

Our cells are not permanent arrangements. They grow like the building blocks of the body they are. We anticipate that new friends will be added until there are enough people to form two circles of ten.

How to Connect

If you are interested in joining a specific cell contact the Cell Leader or one of the members of the group at any time.

If, at any time, you no longer wish to be part of a group, or want to change groups, that’s OK — the choice is always yours.

A Circle of Ten

We are always growing cells, so that new groups are available for friends and acquaintances to be included, encouraged, loved and healed, as well as given the opportunity to learn and share. We’d like to keep expanding an authentic church in this way.

The earliest Christians “continued to meet together in the temple courts” [publicly, in a large group for worship and teaching] and ”broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts” [privately, in small groups for encouragement and mutual care] (from the New Testament, Acts 2:46-7). We follow that example.

There are many different kinds of people in the world, so there need to be many varieties of cell groups. However the circle is formed, when people sit down together in love, with Jesus in their midst, good things happen. We look forward to the gifts you will bring to your circle of ten!

◍ When and Where?

Visit our list of cells, their locations and times, here.