I won’t agree to disagree with you
I won't agree to disagree with you. I will not codify our division. I am not my thoughts and opinions and neither are you. So though we are currently disagreeing about any number of things, I will not agree to it. I will not content myself with that separation, especially if you are a part... Read More
A Paean to “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” on Netflix
They Cancelled This Show in 2015 ...but I Just Found Out When NBC cancelled A.D. The Bible Continues, I had no idea it was a thing, but now, three years later, I'm heartbroken. Now I have watched all 12 episodes of A.D. Kingdom and Empire (it got renamed for it's Netflix Release) and I am... Read More
The Gospel Must Begin with Love
Where does your gospel start? The gospel does not begin with condemnation. It begins with God's love. Why then do I know so many people who really want me to condemn them and the people they know? I have been accused as a pastor of not enforcing the rules effectively. They tell me I let... Read More
Starbucks’ Implicit Bias is Our Bias
Today Starbucks closed all of it's coffee shops in the morning to train their employees on implicit bias. I want to talk about this too, though I think my tiny blog might get lost in the internet noise. I have friends (mostly white) who are interested in this conversation because it seems to highlight a... Read More
They Called the Cops on Me
They Called the Cops on Me I was putting door hanger flyers on doorknobs in the Bloomfield section of Pennsauken this morning. The streets were pretty deserted at 9:30 am most people had already left for work. A few retirees were giving their spring lawns their first mow. And I was walking the relatively sprawling... Read More
Why is worship relief?
Encounter with the living God On Monday night many of the leaders of our Sunday meetings gathered to think together about how we lead people to encounter God. It's a pretty grandiose endeavor, right? "Now I will lead you to have an encounter with the living God." Who says stuff like that? A lot of... Read More
Jesus Won the Super Bowl
Today, an estimated 4 million people are descending on South Philadelphia and Center City because THE E-A-G-L-E-S ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!!! (...too much?) Okay it is, but I don't want the moment and all its incredible communal feels to pass without Jesus getting his due. At a big moment in their... Read More
Why the hell?
Why the hell? I told someone in a coffee shop today that I don't believe in hell and she thought I might go to hell for that. She wasn't sure about much theology or even what she believed about God, but she was pretty sure that I was supposed to believe in hell if I... Read More
Why I Ditched the Grown Ups for the Children
The week before New Years Eve I schemed up a plan at the last minute to ditch the grown ups at our morning Sunday meeting. I'm usually involved in a significant way at our meetings (I am the pastor, after all) but it has been years (close to a decade probably) since I got to... Read More