Jordan Peterson: not quite a Christian as far as I can tell

Why I Love Jordan Peterson (But He’s Wrong)

Jordan Peterson and Jesus? Many of my friends are fans of Jordan Peterson. They appreciate his pragmatic and inspiring call, particularly to men, to take responsibility for themselves, and become agents of good. “No matter[…]

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your opinion doesn't matter

What if your opinion doesn’t matter that much?

What if Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter That Much? The Circle of Hope Pastors were wondering about this question indirectly on the most recent episode of their videocast, “Someone Asked.” What if your opinion doesn’t matter[…]

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circle of hope is a great ship

All Hands on Deck

“All hands on deck” is an example of a synecdoche. Synecdoche : noun, Rhetoric. 1. a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole or the whole for a part. The captain calls, “All hand on deck!” and, of course, he is not calling the whole crew to lop off their hands and[…]

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