Circle of Hope Target Area

How, Oh How Can We Be New?

Dan and I spent two hours Tuesday morning walking around our Pennsauken neighborhood hanging flyers on our neighbor’s door knobs. We wanted them to know that we’re trying to do something new by starting two[…]

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circle of hope is a great ship

All Hands on Deck

“All hands on deck” is an example of a synecdoche. Synecdoche : noun, Rhetoric. 1. a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole or the whole for a part. The captain calls, “All hand on deck!” and, of course, he is not calling the whole crew to lop off their hands and[…]

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south jersey is different in a good way

South Jersey is Different

My Newjerzaversary Yesterday was the one year mark of my New Jersey home ownership. July 9th will be my residential anniversary (my newjerzaversary). I moved to Haddon Township to get deeper into the region that[…]

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Palm Sunday at Midnight in Washington DC

Washington DC is not solely responsible for the numbed-out, gotta-buy-my happiness-and-can’t, bickering-by-default, coercive domination we all suffer as 21st century human beings. Our despair about the way the world is going wasn’t born in the[…]

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The Drums of War Beat Me into the Bible

When I was a freshman in college, terrorists high-jacked planes and flew them into The World Trade Center buildings in New York City. I was newly baptized and thus minted a new man, and newly[…]

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Swimming Under Niagara Falls with Jesus

At the Lent retreat this weekend we were led to practice prayer of imagination. Here’s a story I wrote about my experience: I’m on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes tourist into[…]

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