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A Paean to “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” on Netflix

They Cancelled This Show in 2015
…but I Just Found Out

When NBC cancelled A.D. The Bible Continues, I had no idea it was a thing, but now, three years later, I’m heartbroken. Now I have watched all 12 episodes of A.D. Kingdom and Empire (it got renamed for it’s Netflix Release) and I am very sad that the Roma Downey and Mark Burnett produced adaptation of the book of Acts is not continuing.

So this is my eulogy for “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” AKA “A.D. The Bible Continues” and my contribution to the googleverse in hopes of a reboot some day soon, and a motivational essay to read the book of Acts again this week. If you live in the Philadelphia area, come live it with us in Circle of Hope.

Peter praying to stay the Holy Spirit’s hand

The Holy Spirit is No Joke

In Acts 5 we find the troubling story of Ananias (Peter De Jersey) and Sapphira (Indra Ové) who held back some of the money they got from selling their house but said that they gave it all to the newly born church. In A.D. Kingdom and Empire blood comes out of their eyes and they die for lying to the Holy Spirit in a very scary scene. How could any TV producer skip such a gruesome moment in history? Acts 5:11 says “Great fear seized the whole church and all who heard about these events.”

Um… yeah! Great fear seized me when I first heard this story, too. If I’m honest, there’s still a tinge of fear in me as I reflect on it now. The Holy Spirit is no joke. God was trying to do something that required the utmost seriousness. The new movement was not for spiritual tourists who could move on to what’s next after the high wore off. This movement could not peter out (poor Peter!). If the Church of Jesus’ first followers didn’t survive, thrive and bust out of the confines of Jerusalem, God’s plan would not have happened. Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems — even the confounding sudden death of two would-be-followers. The way this story is portrayed in the show brings the immediacy and the meagerness of the movement to light in a compelling way. Peter (Adam Levy) gets why they are dying but he is freaked out, too. I love the confusion that streaks through the faces of the main characters. They are not yet saints, wise in their remote spaces in history. They are living, failing, God-trusting people just like us. In a later episode of the show, the Holy Spirit almost kills Simon Magus (Stephen Walterswho tries to pay Peter for the Holy Spirit but Peter begs God in the thundercloud to spare the foolish new disciple. It didn’t happen just like that in Acts, but it made for good TV, and it communicated the live-wire wildness of the moment.

Procla, Pilate’s wife (as the story goes), is a Saint in the Greek Orthodox Church

The Resurrection Had Political Consequences

Four of the main characters of the show are Pontius Pilate (Vincent Regan), his wife Claudia (Joanne Whalley), Caiaphas (Richard Coyle), the high priest, and his wife, Leah (Jodhi May). They are not just the evil ones, they are real people with real pressures of their own. Each are tempted to believe in Jesus’ resurrection, especially Claudia and Caiaphas. The political intrigue is not historically accurate, but it could have been! How would the Jesus movement know that Pilate’s wife had dreams about Jesus (as in Matthew 27:19) if she did not one day become a Christian and tell them her story?

From Wikipedia: “In the 3rd century, Origen suggested in his Homilies on Matthew that the wife of Pilate had become a Christian,or at least that God sent her the dream mentioned by Matthew so that she would convert. This interpretation was shared by several theologians of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The apocryphal Letter of Pilate to Herod, dating from around the 3rd–4th century, names Pilate’s wife as Procla and connects to the story of Matthew 27:19.”

The show writers had a lot of opportunities to incorporate other legends and speculations from the early church but didn’t do so, however, they did take the opportunity to highlight the political consequences of the resurrection. Jesus disrupted the political potentates of his day, and he continues to do so. The power to kill is the source of all political power. When you boil it down, that’s it. The state’s ability to kill and the permission the people give it to kill is the only real ultimatum. Violence is the source of state power. Read the first two chapters of William Cavanaugh’s book “Migrations of the Holy” if you need to be convinced of this. There are other places to find this argument too. But, for now, it suffices to say that the foundation of any governmental power is death. And if Jesus rose form the dead then he is not subject to any power. Pilate and Caiaphas, and Claudia and Leah, as portrayed in the show, are obviously threatened by this. How we respond to Jesus’ anarchic resurrection will dictate how we relate to government. Are we subjects of the Kingdom or the empire(s)?

Chipo Chung as Mary Magdalene

They Don’t Know What They’re Doing Either (But the Women Knew Better)

After Jesus’ death, the disciples have no idea what to do. Only Mary, Jesus’ mother (Greta Scacchi), remembers what Jesus said. She is stone-faced and sad after watching her son die but she refuses to give up as many of the men are doing. She is waiting for the third day. Mary Magdalene (played by Chipo Chung), who is the first apostle of the resurrection in the Bible, also gets her proper place in the show. She sees Jesus, and we get to see her as one of the most important characters in the show (because she IS one of the most important people in history). The men defer to her, she makes converts, and she’s always part of the dialogue about what they need to do. Twelve disciples would be too many characters for drama so only a few disciples are dramatized. It’s unclear what happened to the rest of the twelve in the show, but Mary Magdalene takes one of their places.

They muddle through the amazing things that happen. From the resurrection, to Pentecost, to persecution, to new believers who aren’t Jewish, they are stumbling through an incredibly disorienting ordeal. Can you imagine what it would be like? I can, but not so well as they creators of this show have done for us!

It is helpful to read through scripture with our imaginations. What was it like? What were the smells? What did you see? How did you feel? Art like this show, all the many, many paintings, and the other films that were made about these stories from the Bible help us feel our way into the story even more. John, the Beloved disciple, may always be a slow to speak, dark skinned African man (Babou Ceesay) in my imagination. And I am forever grateful for that. 

I need to feel my way through these stories and find myself in them because reading the Bible at a distance just doesn’t work. The point of reading the Bible is to relate to Jesus and find myself in his story. Art helps me do that. It will help you, too, especially when the artists assume that these people in the Bible were a lot like us. We don’t know what we’re doing a lot of the time either.

“The Road To Damascus” Episode 108 — Pictured: Joe Dixon as Phillip

Those Baptisms Though

The formula for baptism in the show is backwards into the water for like a three second count — in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is a good ritual! I love that they stay underwater for as long as they do because it is really symbolic of the death they are dying with Christ. When we baptize people in Circle of Hope we do it three times, bowing forward in submission to Christ. Some folks I have baptized are pretty scared about going under, and I assure them that is the point. We are going through death with Christ and coming out on the other side with him. Staying under, though? Holding your breath for a moment until you get pulled up? That is pretty cool.

Paul wrote in Romans 6:3-5

“Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his.”

This show gets that. These early Christians were serious about what Paul said even before he wrote it. Paul codified the ritual in Romans but it meant something before he said that. It meant death and resurrection, and you can SEE that in the show, even if it isn’t said. That is what ritual is all about. It is an enacted truth that often goes deeper and truer than words ever can.

Saul was initially devastated by Jesus’ appearance to him.

Paul Really Was a Badass from the Start

When Saul has his Damascus Road encounter with Jesus in the show I was unimpressed. Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of how they portray Jesus in the show at all. But the aftermath of the encounter was awesome. Saul’s agony and redemption mediated by someone who isn’t sure of what they saw (it was an Angel — who is also totally badass). Then Saul comes back to the disciples in Jerusalem and demands forgiveness.

Peter and Saul have a one-on-one conversation. Saul is under tons of suspicion. He is trying to make Peter and the disciples trust him but Peter is slow to do so. Saul says to Peter,

“This is all a bit ridiculous, surely. I know what I’ve done, Peter, but listening to you all downstairs it’s like you had forgot that Jesus taught you forgiveness. I mean you lived with him — you know his message — so, so, sorry but I’m confused.” Saul of Tarsus got swagger! And that is why God chose him! I love how Emmett J Scanlan gets that across in his Irish brogue. Saul’s confidence, his arrogance even, was what God needed! You might have something in you that doesn’t seem like a gift. You might have done things that are hard to forgive. You too are chosen by God for a purpose. And a lot of what you see as useless, God can use. You might not receive such a direct address from Jesus as Saul did, but if you listen you will know.

In Conclusion, Bring it Back For Season Two!

I could go on and on about this show (and I already have), but please, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey of Lightworkers Entertainment, please bring back this show! I hear you’re working on an end times story instead. No thanks. I want more of these characters and the imaginative plot twists that your writers have supplied already. What if the stories of all these unsung heroes really did weave together in this way? Some of my Christian counterpoints are up in arms that you did not “stick to the Bible.” To them I say “p’sha.” You got it. No, it was not exact, but you got it. If they demand some fastidious recreation of only what is in the text 1) it’s bad TV, bad drama, bad art and 2) they are just way too uptight. Jesus likes this show, mkay? Well, I guess he’ll tell us whether or not he does some day, but I really, really like this show, mkay? So can we get a Season Two of A.D Kingdom and Empire? Lord, hear our prayer.

And if you made it this far, you must like to read. So keep reading. Read the book of Acts. Imagine, pray and listen right through the whole epic story. We’re living the 29th Chapter.

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            Please continue this shown, it is important for people to know what Christians had to go through to become Christians. There are too many that don’t know if the fight was real.

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      My Wife and I also just completed season one to discover no season two. Very heartbreaking. This series was one of great spiritual content. Our Church is called “Acts 29 Church unto God” as you stated we are the continuation of Acts. We also are praying for the release of season two and beyond until Jesus returns.

    12. Kelly

      Just finished on Netflix and had to google season 2. What a disappointment that it was ended! The show gives such great visual to the events so important to our history as Christians. And something finally worth watching. I can only think someone “important” or so many got offended that the show was stopped. It makes no sense why this inspiring depiction of history was halted.

      • linda cuthbertson

        Myself and my cousin watched this epic series for Easter up into the wee hours of the morning and loved it. My cousin is not saved but has claim to have read the bible all the way through he was very in to this movie which was very interesting and he learned something perhaps it prick his heart. We must have season two because my cousin really wants to see it and has asked me to let him know when it comes back on. It is a shame I have to tell him it is not happening yet. How long must we wait

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    21. Nuray

      I am lately interested about Jesus and the religion. Watched The Bible and after watched this show. I was so excited to search when the second season will start. But there won’t be the second season 🙁 How sad I am. It’s a great way to learn and understand the Bible and all it’s history.

    22. Bring back A.D.

      There is such a hunger for the word, and is a great way to get the word all over the word, It really did help when you go back and read the chapters to really get a better understanding than I ever had just trying to read it, they did an amazing job!!!
      Standing in agreement, we need more seasons!!!

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      Wow, This series of the Bible made me want to know more about what happens next, unfortunately I try searching for season 2 but just find out the series was cancel, even my 12 year old was hook on this series, this series truly was a work of god!,

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      We must have season 2. Maybe it will be released like how Sherlock seasons got released every few years. But that’s just what I think might happen. Nevertheless, we need season 2. We were left hanging in season 1 ending after Peter is seen being captured by a Roman soldier. Probably this may be in the section of the Bible where Agrippa had Peter imprisoned and James executed. But, who knows, they may have changed the story a little bit in the show. Furthermore, I personally would have wanted to see more Paul if season 2 was made. So maybe we should petition for season 2. Its not even like Roma Downey and Mark Burnett gave up on making these biblical series. they’re even trying to make a end of time series. But, we all know we want AD SEASON 2.


        My sentiments, exactly. More of Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles!

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      • Heather

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      I am definitely one of those who would relish the opportunity to see more seasons of this series. I loved “The Bible” adored “AD Kingdom and Empire” and am now disappointed that there is no Season 2 in sight. This series is a much needed light in a time of darkness. I plead with anyone who has the power to continue this series to PLEASE do so. We would forever be in your debt.


        Exactly that, Casey!!

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      Please bring back this series. It’s the best and cant just end that way with Peter being caught

    47. Andrew Arnold

      SEASON TWO! Truly enjoyed watching A.D. Kingdom And Empire I pray and hope the story will continue with season two. Thanks to those who have helped make the bible come to life. Thank you Lord Jesus for your Word and truth continue to let your story be told in Jesus name amen.

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      After watching the bible and now AD I’m really impressed. I haven’t seen a bible movie with such good writing and acting since “Jesus of Nazareth” from the 70s. Please bring this show back for season 2 you have a blockbuster on your hands. Netflix I’m looking at you!

      • Benjamin White

        love jesus of Nazareth, too! The scene at Matthew’s house is part of my spiritual DNA.

    52. Chris Kim

      Let us not wait for Season 2 to happen. Let us all join forces and petition for it. With Jesus Christ on our side anything is possible. Please, any of u who would like to do something like this should reply.

      • Curlene Lambie

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      • Rita

        I’m in.

    53. Aschoneveld

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    54. Davinia

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    55. P. Gagnier

      AD Kingdom and Empire:
      We are avid Bible readers. This brought some of the events written in the Bible to life. Maybe not as exactly written yet understandable and enjoyable. We would very much appreciate a continuance of this series.

    56. Ging Smith

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    58. Heidi Noble

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    59. Breezy

      I agree. I love every episode; was sad when it ended several years ago and watched the only season again on Netflix. It was so inspiring, i pray they will bring it back again. I’m sure the actors would change as they have moved on, but nevertheless it would be exciting to continue on.

    60. France Hlalethwa

      Bring back season 2. Now we know it exists. At the time it was cancelled we did not know of it. It inspires many please bring it back. God bless all all the way from South Africa

    61. Rian Torres

      My Wife and I watch it all episodes of season 1. She found this page and to found out about that there will be no longer for season 2. Yeah , same we are also very sad about this. Maybe, is there any chance that we can make a petition to bring it back? How? Anyone knows where to start with and to raise this up. Thank you and God bless everyone.

    62. Veronica

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    63. Fatima

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    64. Kathleen Perez

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    66. Emm

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    67. Jocelyn

      I also just completed binge watching A.D. Kingdom and Empire!!!! I most say I was completely immersed with the story. Although I do know some artistic freedoms were probably embellished. However it was extraordinarily well done from the casting to the biblical character’s portrayed. Every actor presented and authentic account during this time.
      It seems as though whenever a well crafted visual depiction of the BIBLE is made for TV viewing, someone always decides to cut it’s life short just as was done with Jesus. Much more could be said about that.
      I enjoyed watching the series also in recognition for the coming Holy Week.
      Prayerfully, Ms. Downey and Mr. Burnett will see these post and hear our request for a continuation of this awesome series.

    68. Curlene Lambie

      I binged watched A.D Kingdom and Empire on Netflix and just completed looking at 1st episode again in sadness as there is no Season 2. What an excellent show that brought it to life for us! All of the characters were amazing and endearing. Reassures that they had human weaknesses and faults just like us. Downey/Burnett productions, I do hope you continue as you all and your team were awesome! God bless you!

    69. Cole

      Very well done!! I think the biblical account is exciting enough but do not mind some artistic embellishments. I wouldn’t normally say that, but I do agree…this show seems to “get it” and is a powerful tool for spreading the message of Jesus Christ. I am telling all my friends to watch this 1st season knowing it ends abruptly. It is still a great depiction of the early church and promotes thoughtful Bible study. I join the others asking for a season 2 but I am thrilled with the first one.


        Well said.

    70. Lea

      I love this show and learning a lot too. Looking forward to Season 2, 3, 4…10 or so!

    71. Maria

      Me encanto!! Por favor necesitamos la continuación

    72. Gethro


      This show inspires me to know more.
      Let us not lose hope!!! BRING BACK AD!!!!

    73. Wilson E. Gavilaga

      Season 2 please make it happen!

    74. Kristina

      Yes please bring this back. Season 2 please. There are more stories that needs to be told, esp for the younger generations. This is beautiful. Please

    75. Pauline Howarth

      I have just finished watching the series and was amazed at how the Bible came to life with the characters portrayed. Hope and pray that the Lord will work in the hearts of those concerned so the Gospel is spread through another season. Jesus is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father. May God bless my brothers and sisters in Christ out there and I look forward to our meeting one day. Keep the faith !!

    76. Ana

      Really need a season 2

    77. Darwin

      Please! please! please!
      I just fineshed episode 12 today.

    78. Shirley

      Just watched the all episodes of season1 in on sitting. Absolutely loved it, would have cont’d watching season 2. But found out there was none, big let down, we are left hanging.
      Maybe Netflix could could be used to air season 2?

    79. Fernando

      Season 2 …

    80. Jacky R.

      Yes pleeese! Been waiting for season 2 for a while. Friends and family have watched season one along with me. It’s a MUST! It’s a series, a reality TV series… the difference to the other ones is that this one can change lives! We need this at such a time as this! Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to make this happen. I don’t have the power to do it or I would. I’m sure I’m not alone in this! Thanks again!

    81. Canuckforlife

      Just finished season 1 and was very impressed. Great acting and Writing. PLEASE bring season 2, netflix…PLEASE!!!

    82. Ana Lynn O. Hernandez

      I love another epsiode of this great show. Thank God for Season 1. It brings me closer to Him. Praise be to God forever and ever!

    83. IBelieve inJESUS!

      those critics ratings are dumb, i love season 1 and I want to continue to watch more!!! I DEMAND MORE!!!!! you cant just start season 1 and let it unfinish like that shame on you!!!

    84. Marissa Figueroa

      Preciosa Serie !! … Sería Maravilloso ver una Segunda temporada !!

    85. Susan

      I am home sick over Easter weekend so watched all of season 1. Very well done. Please do a season 2. We all know why the folks at NBC cancelled this.

    86. Judy

      My husband and I just finished watching all twelve episodes of A.D. Kingdom and Empire and thought it was amazing! He isn’t a believer and to have him say it was one of the best series he’s watched and also that it was the best movie he’s seen covering Christ and early Christianity was remarkable in its self. Please, please continue this very excellent series! You never know when you might enlighten a nonbeliever and be the catalyst for a changed heart! Thank you for your effort to tell the story visually of the early church. Great work on behalf of all involved!!

    87. Bill Rittenhouse

      We need season 2.
      I watched not knowing that you all had decided not to do season 2. I was very upset when I found out.
      Please continue the series.
      Neflex seems 2 season’s is about the length of your series, unless already old canned ones.
      I could complain and plead more but said my peace.

    88. linda cuthbertson

      Myself and my cousin watched this epic series for Easter up into the wee hours of the morning and loved it. My cousin is not saved but has claim to have read the bible all the way through he was very in to this movie which was very interesting and he learned something perhaps it prick his heart. We must have season two because my cousin really wants to see it and has asked me to let him know when it comes back on. It is a shame I have to tell him it is not happening yet. How long must we wait

    89. Barbie Javier

      I just watched it over the weekend and I couldn’t stop watching… It’s devastating to know there wouldn’t be a season 2. How could we plead Netflix to bring back AD?

    90. Michael Harris

      Please bring back A.D… #bringbsckAD asap! We ask this is Jesus Name!

      • Michael

        Bring back A.D season 2 , In Jesus Name! It’s a beautifully told story , Loved it and it would be a shame to deprive us of seeing season 2. #PLEASEBRINGBACKA.D

    91. Juan Antonio Macías Girón

      Por favor, please, we need this masterpiece to continue!! Muchas gracias. God bless you. Que Dios les bendiga.

    92. Samantha Cazares

      I just finished watching episode 12 and was expecting to watch more. I am so sad that there is only 1 season. We need the next season! We need to post how AD is such a great Netflix show and get it to go viral.

      • Samantha Cazares

        We need to post on our social media how AD is such a great Netflix show and get it to go viral.

    93. D

      Yes, PLEASE bring A.D. back! So we’ll done! Why do they always stop the good shows and continue the bad ones?! ( How many vampire and zombie shows do we need?)

    94. Vegita

      Please Bring season 2 loved watching it

    95. James

      Great article! I too was hooked by the story telling and share similar sentiments that you discussed about the show. I haven’t read through an article on a topic so quickly, I kinda wished you did go on and on. There was so much to like about the series. I was very sad to realize that it came out almost 5 years ago. In fact that’s what led me to this article. Man, seeing Cornelius baptized by Peter – I mean there were so many moments like that that I just simply enjoyed watching!

    96. Claudia Vazquez

      we need season 2, too!!!

    97. Thu-Minh Phan

      Season 2 please and for all the millions of viewers out there.

    98. Jeff Paris

      Yeah I was moved . We need season two .

    99. Lisa

      Please if it may help for season 2 of asking to bring back, so many will like the continuous of the show.

    100. Vasile Adrian Cioran

      We demand sezon 2..

    101. leah yap

      pls be continue for the series……..

    102. Brenda

      Please release Season 2 & continue til the end. We loved it & recommended it to our friends & family & then found out Season 2 was cancelled. So disappointed!

    103. Rosa Guin-Garcia

      Yes please bring back season 2!!

    104. Luna

      My husband and I just finished watching season one. It was awesome! Please bring it back!!!

    105. Carlos

      I would like to see very much the season2 .

    106. Jean paul nehme

      Season 2 and 3 and more is a must…

    107. Roy Coleman

      Saw A.D. on Netflix – all of season 1 this weekend ….. well done !! Please produce season 2 (and so forth) — truly needed and wanted by many people 👍🏻❤️

    108. sean rood

      the show has giving me a reason to
      love the Bible all over again I would be greatful if there wasv a season two

    109. Vera L Robbins

      I love this show A.D. Its was easy and believable, the characters, actresses and actors where marvelous to watch and believe. Every scene was natural and with great actors. I was so proud to share this with my friends and family. I told everyone in my family, five households to watch it on Netflix. So please complete the reason for Christ’s real resurrection and birth of the church in Season 2, 3, and 4. It’s a beautiful depiction of the times, people, apostles and the one and only Jerusalem. Marvelous!

    110. Jeanine

      I just finished the first season! Please bring this back! It’s teaching me a lot about the Bible it’s wonderful show

    111. Josphin Jose

      AD has strengthened me and my family ,the values it generates is so wonderful and it’s a blessing that were able to watch it , a million thanks to director and the team
      I wish god hear our prayer and bring it back.

    112. Gerry

      I also enjoyed this series, but have learnt now not to watch any more series until checking if there is an ending, i got caught out this time as time after time i watched series that have been cancelled, never again.

    113. Tony Williams

      I agree with everyone who posted anything about A.d. kingdom. Just pray for God to bless Netflix to pick up this show l just watched the last episode April 28 2019 . can’t believe NBC don’t pick it up for more season s.
      God please let Netflix make more season in Jesus name amen

    114. Elizabeth

      PLEASE BRING BACK AD KINGDOM AND EMPIRE! IT’S SO INSPIRING AND TOUCHING!!! I’m sure so many lives can be touched by this amazing series. We NEED to promote this so more people can watch it. I personally didn’t know about this until a week ago and just finished season 1. IM HEARTBROKEN KNOWING THERE’S NO SEASON 2! Let’s unite to get back AD KINGDOM AND EMPIRE!!!

    115. Jr


    116. Nelly

      Please bring season 2 soon! My husband and I loved it. It’s obvious that the last episode ending was to continue with this amazing saga. Don’t delay please!!

    117. Randolph Paul

      This really needs to continue, if someone has the cash please do continue this series. Hey Netflix what do you think? I think it a good idea to get going or may be PureFlix.

    118. Shawn

      Yes! Agreed. I think that Netflix makes a wonderful platform for this type of series as well. This is a message for the masses, not just to His congregation. Make Season 2.

    119. Sadhna Vincent

      I am from India and I just finished watching Episode 12. It is an awesome show. Watched it back to back since it is very addictive. It would be nice to know more about the struggles of Early Christians. I request Netfix to ensure that they have Season 2.

    120. Jeovani Armendariz

      Yes please bring it back
      It’s so inspiring we need season 2 please

      • Aiz


    121. Irene

      Yes, please make season 2. I’ve watched season 1 repeatedly. It’s a great way to learn and connect to the beginning of the story after Jesus up rose to Heaven. I declare with faith that this show will have such a positive impact in the viewers. Please make season 2.

    122. Benjamin White

      I am blown away by the interest in this post. Spread the hashtag #bringbackAD across the internet, y’all!

    123. Judy Ellen Jones

      Please continue with A.D.’Kingdom Empire. It was an awesome series.

    124. Michelle

      I was just on the third episode and I liked it so far. However I am a little curious about the scenes that are not written in the Bible. Where they may have got those scenes or dialogues? Are they like fanfic or based on true story as well? You know, like some parts that didn’t make it to the cut of the Bible.

      • Benjamin White

        I think these ar fanfics, but they got the Spirit of it right by my lights

    125. Jean

      Why would Netflex engage in any contractual agreement with “The Powers That Be” to only have 12 eposodes for the A.D.Kingdome and drop it’s viewers in mid stream. This doesn’t make sense. Why not offer none of them rather than leave the viewers hanging. We could pick up our Bibles, but the producers of the show had a great way of showing us the history of this time. This is no way to treat your paying viewers! Please either do not show us anything rather than drop us off wanting more

    126. Santo JK

      Please bring back season 2 of “AD Kingdom & Empire”
      I watched the whole first season, 12 episodes at one go overnight without sleep.
      It was so moving and increased my faith.
      The birth of Christianity is well depicted in the show.
      Heavenly Father, please remove all blocks for the production of season 2. May this series proclaim to the world who Jesus really is and what Christianity is all about!!!

    127. Bob

      A.D. Kingdom & Empire is by far…THE BEST series I have ever watched. I have toured all the holy land in Israel and believe me, this program brought back all the glory of walking in Jesus’ footsteps. Glory be to God. In Jesus name, please bring this series back to life.

      I hope and pray we have the pleasure to continue watching many more seasons!

      Thank you.

    128. Mary Lyles

      I was so intrigued by this show! I was scrolling through Netflix running out of series to watch and thought what the heck let’s see if this show will catch my attention. And that it did. I binged watched all episodes in a day and half. And was so ready for Season 2…..and there wasn’t one!!!

    129. Brenda Norris

      In just finished episode 12 of season one A.D. Kingdom and Empire. I absolutely loved it. It is some of the best acting I have seen in a long time and the actor who played Jesus is one of if not the best portrayals of the Savior I have ever seen. I love the way the story is told, and though it is not 100% to scripture, it gets the story told in a way that many times during the 12 episodes, I had cold chills running up and down my body. I truly believe it is an anointed work and I am craving more, more, more of it. Please, please, please, we need a season 2. I study the word of God in one way or another everyday and this series helped me so much. It is powerful and the world needs more of it. Please Lord, I pray our enemy is bound from interfering with with this soul changing series. I am going to watch it all over again in the hopes I will receive more enlightenment the second time than I received the first time. The Bible miniseries was good but it did not impact me like A.D. Kingdom and Empire. Thank you Roma and Mark, please find away to give the world more of this!

    130. Wynne Taylor

      I just finished season 1 on Netflix. Lover it… started looking for season two, only to find that there was not one… how sad. I truly hope that this story will continue.someday. I hope that the actors will still be available to continue their roles as well.

    131. Gail Hubley

      This absolutely must continue and be seen through to a better ending. I am heartbroken and will pray that someone revives it to see it through! The mist important story ever told so let’s visually tell it. Do beautifully and emotionally creates, why not finish it toneveryones satisfaction. They are disappointing a ton of people out there. Acting was excellent – first rate program. Thank you, but I want more!!

    132. Raylynn Meimetis

      PLEASE BRING THIS BACK, It has done WONDERS in assisting visuals and helping my Bible reading with the true characters of the Bible. Maybe it’s not 100% but the Bible doesn’t tell us 100% of ALL that happened. Only what is necessary for our faith and understanding in God and Jesus Christ. But wow, this puts the URGENCY back in the NEED to share the gospel! I have watched 7 episodes since I discovered it on Netflix this month… And am taking my time watching the last ones… But I have shared it word of mouth to EVERYONE in my family and everyone I know at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I think there was a gap in TV viewers and Netflix between 2015 and 2017. But since 2018, a lot of people just use Netflix and vitual TV type Apps. Everyone I talk to DIDNT KNOW it existed!!!! When I tell them it’s on Netflix, they’re like OH!!! I’ll go check it out ASAP! The story didn’t end in Acts… Some of the most pertinent information, instructions and application of the gospel happen after the last episode! How much of an impact this would have on our millennials and our world today to have the visuals in such a realistic and cultirally relative way!!! It’s stirred up a revivial in me, and a growth I’ve not experienced in my faith before. The Gospel is crucial and the film’s that have been made about Jesus life I have much gratitude for. But nothing has been done to focus on the AFTER in what they did and what WE ARE TO DO in the visual Industry available to us. This is the first I’ve ever heard of and is meets our world where it is. PLEASE make a season 2!!! I’ve seen end time movies and series… We know what’s coming… But to see and hear what the early church taught US and what ACTUALLY happened even 90% accurate is such an amazing blessing. Being Kingdom minded is hard in the world we live in. But this series… Makes it so much easier and my desire to SHARE the truth has grown so much. All those I shared this series with I KNOW will feel the same.
      Please, please consider…

      ~In His service
      Raylynn Nichole

    133. Amethyst

      Season 2,3,4…… PLEASE!!!

    134. Michael

      Please put season 2 out soon

    135. Michael roberts

      Please put out season 2 asap..can not believe that i am left sitting on the couch wondering what the just the show and cant believe that it ended leaving everyone wandering ??.i mean they keep new season of lucifer coming..BUT STOP IN THE middle of the bible..please show faith and finish this please

    136. Myrna

      #ADseason2 please! my husband, my 9 year old daughter and I just finished watching AD Season 1 and we’re all sad knowing there will be no more season 2. Can you imagine a 9 year old girl at this era got so interested about bible story?😊 so please pretty please release season 2 please…

    137. Joe

      Just found there will be no more AD and am completely devastated! I’d gladly contribute, as I’m sure others would, to production costs for the rest of the story. To have the first leaders of the church come to life through a story rarely told was truly inspirational and deepened my faith. I was actually surprised after watching and researching the Bible that they really didn’t embellish that much. Great work. Sad that our society today should dictate the life of this important series.

    138. Malyneath from California!

      I just discovered this show, and finished the entire season in 2 days. I find it to be good entertainment. I like the characters and the imaginative plot twists that their writers have supplied . Just like you , I wonder what if the stories of all these unsung heroes really did weave together in this way? Overall some Christian counterpoints are upset they did not “stick to the Bible.” To them I say, I’d rather have this available for people to watch than what’s currently on mainstream. Roma and Mark, You got it. No, it was not exact, but you got it. This could definitely evolve into something greater. I especially liked how the angels were portrayed. They are warriors in the Lord’s army, you get it ! I want to see Saul’s journey and the centurions, I mean all of them…I’d love to watch Season Two of A.D Kingdom and Empire. Please even if you need to play it on a different platform, get it out. Make a way! We will watch it.

    139. Jasmin

      Oh my ! I LOVE THIS!…theres neess to be more! I mean if this horrible show Lucifer has another new season why cant this go on longer?! Please try and push for another season. It was beautifly illustrated .

    140. Katherine

      Please bring this back. How can you start something and not see it through yo the end.

    141. Mr C

      Would someone plz notify me when season 2 comes to netflix??
      Highly Appreciated!

    142. Jay

      Adding to the chorus of praise here! Please, bring on another season. Great job!

    143. Faith

      Yes please! Someone start a petition!!! Lol!

    144. Frances Su'a

      Absolutely amazing season 1. It helped so much work my understanding of the Bible. I didn’t want it to end. Watched on Netflix in NZ. Thanks to God for this amazing story. Please allow us to watch season 2. Amazing!!! 💖💖💖

    145. Frances Su'a

      Absolutely amazing season 1. It helped so much with my understanding of the Bible. I didn’t want it to end. Watched on Netflix in NZ. Thanks to God for this amazing story. Please allow us to watch season 2. Amazing!!! 💖💖💖

    146. katherine petillo

      it was so helpful in understanding the Bible.

      • Victoria Fincher

        It brought the scripture alive. You can really appreciate what the early christians went through. And Paul. I really, really, really want to see more of his story. I have a new appreciation of Paul (if that were possible). Such amazing grace.

    147. Juliana Gomez

      I have cancelled netflix until I get season 2 lol

    148. Genia

      Please bring Season 2!!!

    149. Christopher Drummond

      Would Love a Season 2!!! Please bring it back

    150. Arnita Williams


    151. Arnita Williams

      PLEASE BRING The Second season of A.D. KINGDOM AND EMPIRE BACK, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. The best series I’ve ever watched.

    152. Lynn

      I just discovered and quickly gobbled up this series and I agree that it brought the book of Act alive in a powerful way that makes the reality of Jesus and his power and impact more tangible and real. These types of shows help tremendously to spread the message of Jesus and to understand the power and impact He offers to each of us who choose to follow Him over the world we see. I hope that we will witness more and more of the word of God brought to life in genres that can have real impact, as this series certainly has. I am exceedingly grateful for the gift and hope fo more!

    153. Gladis

      We need season 2

    154. Winona Poole

      I’ll add my vote for Season 2. But will the people who need to hear our cries of, “continue please,” even hear it? If they don’t see it as a money-maker, they will not do it, for our nation worships the god of money more than anything else these days.

    155. Paula Hall

      Please bring this AWESOME series back! My husband and I finished it in two days. I’m now very eager to read my Bible! So much heRt and spirit was poured out into this series. The characters are addicting! I praise our Lord Jesus Christ and hope that this series got it as close to how things might have been.

    156. Karen Abrams

      How do we start a petition for a season 2? And how would we get signed petion to producers- Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett?

      Not precisely accurate but close…very well done and inspirational though- couldn’t stop binge-watching ’till finished The Bible AND A.D.!

      • Benjamin White

        We could start with all 200 people who have commented on this blog!

    157. Kitty

      Please bring season 2. I have been searching online and found this forum so I can post. Please bring season 2. Please.

    158. Trion

      As we live today, i just say the world is so devastating scenarios like typhoons, floods, crime of killings, hungers and you name it.. nailed it. It’s about time that bring back the AD The Bibble Continues (season2). Cause i believe that it will touches our hearts, give hopes and most of all.. let the peoples to the whole world knows that we have Jesus Christ the Savior.. believe, have faith and have fear in GOD. Amen 🙏

    159. Bobby

      Who Made This Bloop Of Not Bringing Back A.D The Bible Continues ? Big Mistake There’s A Whole Lot Of People That Wanted To Tune In Whoever is Responsible Please Explain Just For People That Are Woundering !

    160. Tin

      Our entire family watched Season 1, it was part of our routine every night to watch AD Kingdom & Empire every night. it is very touching & filled with inspiration. We are so sad that there is no Season 2 yet.Please bring Season 2 …praying that God will make the road easy for the producers to make Season 2 happen.

    161. Michelle Vasquez

      Still waiting, hoping, and praying to see the series return, Lord willing

    162. Sean Lynskey

      Like many others ive just watched season 1 straight through and was totally hooked, Please continue with season 2 as the show was fantastic

    163. Miriam Valencia

      Mire la temporada 1 completa..
      La miré con mi familia y por favor queremos la temporada 2..
      Por favor Netflix…

      • Benjamin White


        • Teresa Tunay

          I agree with you, Mr. White. A hundred per cent. Besides the petition (initiated by Jadine, below) what else may we do to spur the producers to continue the show?

    164. Petillo

      Yes please bring it back.

    165. Corrine

      Just finished A.D kingdom. Loved it. Power watched it. Now I’M reading my bible. It touches hearts. Please put season 2 out. In the name of Jesus. Amen

    166. Dora Sartori

      Please we want more!!😊

    167. JW

      I finished season 1 and I would live to see this come back! Netflix, can you help make this happen?

    168. Anna pense

      Please follow through with another season…

    169. Régina

      I love A.D Kingdom and i want the following please

    170. Shandrea Colson

      Bring back A.D. Kingdom and Empire, very good actors for a very real story of CHRIST….I want more. 🙏📖

    171. Chuck Barnes

      The series everyone wants to watch and NBC doesn’t want it. Who needs NBC.

    172. Steve

      I just finished episode 12 again. I have watched AD 3 times over the past 1-2 years. As some have said it may not be exact, but it brings life to the pages from which they came. It made it more human and want to read the Bible to find the truths. I hope it returns even if available only on DVD or exclusive to Netflix. It makes it interestingly human and makes you wonder their every day thoughts. Bring it back. Stay true to the Word of God! For those of us here, study every day. Find out what God’s Word says for ourselves and don’t rely on every word that comes out of the mouths of men alone who stand proclaiming they know. Psalms 14:2, 1 John 4:1, Romans 16:17, Romans 2:21, 2 Peter 1:20, 2Timothy 3:16, Jeremiah 23:11 + so many more

    173. Michael Stevens

      I guess you could say I agree with and can relate to totally the author or else I never would have even found this article. I had no idea this series existed until roughly 24 hours ago and and I have already completed all 12 episodes. BUMMER to say the least that it did not continue

    174. CARMEN Berdecia

      Please Roma Downey , please may you start filming Chater 2. I got my husband to know more about the word . He asks me who is that and what was that person’s mission. Let everyone sent sprayer to Roma Downey and the other director to please bring this beautiful story back.

    175. Ololade

      I am a Muslim and i loved every bit of the story, it has broadened my thoughts about Christianity, I can’t wait for Season 2,pls bring it back ASAP, God bless.

    176. Brenda

      Finally a series that was such a blessing g to us. Really praying for season 2 through to the end. Please bring it back

    177. Mike H

      Episode 12 leaves us hanging. There is so much more you can write. I agree with the above eulogy and the idea of bringing it back. You did such a great job with the first 12 episodes why stop?

    178. Pamela

      I must add to this list to Roma Downey and husband….. What a help for believers to help themselves and others learn about Acts! What intricate characterizations of motivations of great men of God! Bless You and family! I am sure that it was quite a sacrifice ! Please I add my vote for bringing back AD!!!! It is so necessary in today’s age! Nothing like this EVER! Great cast and direction! Begging!!!

    179. Shane

      Just finished watching from this morning at 10am and just finished watching at 10pm! a real treat and give me a sense of the times! A real treat for the eyes… it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t completely accurate and a few important characters missing the important thing for me was that the message was there, of God’s love for us all and the sacrifice he made for us. And sacrifice so sufficient.

    180. Jadeine


    181. #bringbackAD

      Agreed! #bringbackAD

    182. Antoinette Davis

      I was addicted after watching the first episode…praying for a season 2. It will be watched.

    183. Brenda Mattison

      I loved this series. I want season 2 to be made because it helped me to relate to those who were the closes to Jesus. This program ignited my spirit, it made me to cry, to see the difference and struggles for all that where involved, but most importantly it reaffirmed my belief of just how much Jesus Christ of Nazerath truly loves us all from the past to our present. So if for nothing else continue this series for Him.

    184. Mickey Coffman

      Please bring back season 2 of AD Kingdom and Empire. I just finished season 1 and I loved it and it’s great Bible Truth as well and I’m praying too that Season 2 will be soon on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch it

    185. Jarim

      I agree. Please bring back AD season2!
      I want to watch Saul becomes a great apostle of gentiles.

    186. Brooke

      Ahhhh I’m devastated to know there is no season 2!!!! I zoomed right through season 1 on Netflix and I’m SOOO bummed to not have it continue! Season 2, Season 2, Season 2!

    187. Ovita Dsouza

      Please please bring it back

    188. LSG

      wow, a great presentation of the story of the apostles, really enjoyed it.
      Bummed to find out there was no season 2, and to leave us hanging there with Peter… so disappointing.

    189. Norma Gregory

      I have watched this series 4 times now. I have also read the book of Acts. I love being able to feel visually connected to what it would be like living in that time. I keep searching for season 2. Please continue this series and show us what happens to Peter next. I am torn between Saul and Peter as my favorites in this series.

    190. Precious

      I absolutely agree with your review, I’m Nigerian and just got to watch this show as it got on Netflix. The way the Bible is portrayed but with intertwining, intricate mix of circumstances, events made everything so much more relatable, detailed and real. I must add that my favorite character is Paul, he just has so much spunk and not much changed in him after his conversion besides that hate was translated to love, but all the quirks in his personality made me get a sense on why he was really the perfect agent for the explosion of the new era of faith. This show should please make a comeback. The producers should please ignore the critics and do it for the actual fans .

      • Bonita

        Yes and I agree with you. Paul is my favorite too. He had me in tears! This is an incredible series. So sad for it to stop.

    191. vipin thomas

      Please come back with the season 2,if the season two is in gods planning then it will happen,……god bless the whole team

    192. Asif Khan

      From Pakistan:
      I’m a Muslim Pakistani and just finished watching the first season. Please bring season 2. It clears a lot of things to me about the releation between the Jews and the Romans at that time and gave knowledge about the opostles and their struggle. Loved Saul!

    193. Marian

      Please continue the series, really enjoyed it.

    194. Lisa

      I really wish made a series 2 🙁

    195. Herold


    196. Folasere Oladeinde

      Pls, I beg that they should pls continue this movie. I am devastated with the sound of its discontinuation.. Pls I beg you

    197. Patti Beaveridge

      Fantastic series! Maybe the world wasn’t ready for season 2 in 2015 but I think we are ready now, bring it on!

    198. Bonita

      Please release other seasons. Everyone has been watching the first season. And then boom gone. They stopped the show. This is the best series I have watched in my whole life! It will be a hit if it continued

    199. Delphinium

      I, like everyone else in this thread, absolutely loved this series and was equally disappointed to read that no further season would be made. How can we all be left dangling, not knowing what happened to each of the characters.
      Brilliantly acted, filmed and written and too good for the story not to continue. 10/10

      • Patricia D’Amiral-Manners

        Please please please, give us a season two. I’ve watched it three times over the years and I always marvel at the wonderful way the story of Our Lord and his Apostles are portrayed in this series. All the actors are marvellous. It is a shame that a first class series just stopped. There should be series one, two, three, four and……….. Please bring it back.

      • Patricia D’Amiral-Manners

        Please please please, give us a season two. I’ve watched it three times over the years and I always marvel at the wonderful way the story of Our Lord and his Apostles are portrayed in this series. All the actors are marvellous. It is a shame that a first class series just stopped. There should be series one, two, three, four and……….. Please bring it back.


    200. Shah

      Any news about Seson2. Are they going to release it?

    201. Caroline Burton

      …AND SO IT IS DONE! Where there is DESIRE, where HEART and SOUL ache. I would LOVE the series to continue and i REALLY want to hear the stories of the disciples and how the word spread.


      I am not from a religious back ground but when the proverbial s*** hit the fan of my life. I began to ask questions, lots of questions and a journey began. As part of that journey I ended up at an ashram in India. Before my return home I had a desire to visit Chenni botanical gardens. Unfortunately on that day it was closed and so the taxi driver recommended the Church of St Thomas, where the tomb of St Thomas was said to lie. I wasn’t too excited about visiting a Christian Church but agreed to go along with my fellow travellers. The church itself was unremarkable. On the walls were posters summarising the lives of the disciples and their grim ends; including St Thomas who’s story was extraordinary. When I descended to the tomb, i found myself drawn to placing my hands at its base (under a rather old and faded manikin of St Thomas). I felt an overwhelming sweep of energy flow from my hands and through my body and with it I saw an image of a desert in the early morning. ( After 12 days in relative silence and attuned to high frequencies at the ashram, I was highly sensitive). I was in awe and found myself asking “St Thomas, I don’t know who you are or who you were, but I WANT TO KNOW MORE and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS!” I then heard a voice! “You will be shown a book!” The voice was loud and clear. I drew away from the tomb and I spent some time sitting in quiet and letting the energy settle and questioning the reality of the voice. I then excited the tomb and whilst waiting for my friends looked through some books in the gift shop. I thought “I wonder if what I am looking for is here?” the voice returned “No, it is not here, it will be shown to you on your return” It was said with such clarity and power that I immediately put down the book and thought “OK” (I felt almost told off!). At this point I want to say, I had never heard voices and although i have had a number of miraculous experiences I have never heard anything like it since.

      On my return to the UK, I started to think that ‘the voice’ was somehow a figment of my imagination and the experience began to fade. However, about a week after my return a friend recommended a book. A week later the same book was recommended by someone else. Another week later someone sent an email again mentioning the same book. I decided to place an order. I did not at anytime relate this to ‘the voice’ but when it finally arrived and i read the introduction I had a jaw dropping moment. The book was called ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ and told the story of an American called Gary Renard who had two ascended masters appeared to him during meditations over a period of several months. One was St Thaddeus and the other was ST THOMAS!!! Coincidence??? Well, I could easily have put it down to coincidence, but the coincidences in my life started to pile up until I COULD NO LONGER DENY that something ‘fishy’ was going on (pun intended). During The Bible TV series, the scene of Peter denying Jesus was particularly brilliant and i found myself on my knees in tears. I COULD NO LONGER DENY JESHUA, I COULD NO LONGER DENY GOD, I COULD NO LONGER DENY THE CHRIST WITHIN!

      At first I found myself escaping into meditation and onto courses that took me ‘up’ and i was having more and more heightened blissful experiences but the come downs as I returned home to normal life, squabbling kids, a grumpy, stressed husband and ailing parents became harder and harder. I appeared to be working through darker and darker energies until every aspect of being human appeared to surface around me.. and i mean virtually every dark aspect. It was then that i had what i can only described as an epiphany. I no longer felt judgment of these dark and fearful aspects of being human but felt that this primal power could and must be harnessed for the good. We live in such fear and more than often believe that darkness is more powerful than LOVE and LIGHT and yet the disciples demonstrated that if we allow the HOLY SPIRIT to flow through us the reverse is true. ARE WE TO CONTINUE TO CROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET OR IS OUR TRUE MEANING, PURPOSE AND VALUE TO… WAKE UP… AND WALK AS CHRIST… AND ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO WORK THROUGH US. ROARRRRR!

      Easily said than done perhaps but i do feel an AWAKENING is taking place on this planet at this time and a HEARTS DESIRE to reside IN THE POWER OF LOVE and if necessary to follow Jeshua in Civil disobedience. WE ARE THE SECOND COMING!

      • Benjamin White

        Thank you for sharing your story

      • Marybelle

        Thank you for your heartfelt sharing of your personal story. The lockdowns happening around the world now gives people a chance and a time to reflect on what’s important and what makes their soul light up. We just need to listen and recognise it! Jesus is there to be a light in this time of uncertainty. 💛

      • Jennifer & John

        Disappointment is an understatement !! I was shocked and irate , yes irate to be led up the garden path with the last episode …. no season 2 is an insult to the viewer Netflix should remove the entire season …. not worth the time if there is no conclusive season or seasons!
        Thanks to the ‘ratings’ !!!

      • Teresa Tunay

        Dear Caroline: God is obviously “courting” you. 🙂 It seems to me our Lord Jesus is calling you to follow Him closely, and by your candid disclosure of your experience you are unwittingly saying Yes to that call. I am happy for you.

    202. sahan

      Please come up with season 2

    203. Marybelle

      My hubby and I just binge watched this series over Holy Week. It is a movie for the modern audience in that the women characters have a stronger role. Characters are realistic with individual personalities and human frailties and ultimately what’s important is their faith in Jesus as it steadily grows stronger and more solid following initial doubt and confusion and trying to sift through seemingly conflicting scriptural writings and prophecies to understand the truth.

      Hubby usually isn’t into religious movies but we enjoyed this one and would love a second series to learn more about the Acts of the Apostles.

    204. LeoDO

      Excellent bible stories to watch! We desperately need season 2!

    205. Shaun Mary

      Please continue and have all the seasons in accordance to the Bible. We pray for this. Blessings to the producers.

    206. JULZ

      Waiting for a season 2! Make it happen!

    207. Jennifer Sabino

      Please release the Season 2… heartbroken now…

    208. Sunny

      Please we need this show more than ever.The whole world needs hope ,and the show gave us that.It appeals to the very core of our faith and humanity.
      We need that helping hand ,and strength to keep us sane.Sunny

      • Julius

        Please continue the show to encourage and live the life of our jesus christ.

    209. Tutee

      This film called me at a perfect time. I started watching this out of a random interest on Netflix in New Zealand on Saturday 11th (Easter weekend, the night before “he is risen”). This film connects with me and reminds me of my faith that I’ve been disconnected with for a while as well as enabling me to really learn what the apostles went through to preach the word of God through his son’s name, Jesus. I would love this special film to continue with season 2 and continue portray what the people of God had to do in order to pursue their journey to share the truthful words of our Messiah and our God (a work that continues till this day). God bless everyone and happy Easter to all because “he is risen” 🙂

    210. Mel

      Hi , My family and I have watched season 1 and its very disappointing to see there is no season 2. Its so enriched with history and did help a lot knowing the bible too. I think there should be season 2 soon coming.

    211. Marek Zjawiony

      No chances. Some powers to be have stopped it saying that it was not liked. Well it clearly was by at least 70% of viewers…

    212. It’s Me

      Yes! We want season 2. Give it us or I shall have all executives at NBC crucified!


      Well said!

    214. Shekinah

      Please make season 2. This series is top 6 already in the Philippines. We all loved and excited to see for the season2.

    215. David

      Please make season 2, we need to keep the story alive. Its so inspirational.

    216. Lucian

      There will be no season two unfortunately, the message is too strong for some people.
      We all know who believe in Jesus what happened to his Followers!
      After 12 episodes we understand better what Holy Spirit really means.
      Happy Easter everyone and may God be with you all!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    217. Vernie

      Yes please Continue the show for season 2.. We can’t wait tobsee whats next.. We love it!

    218. Karen

      Just finished Season 1. Loved it! Inspired me to download and listen to the New Testament. I want to learn more. I pray they bring it back! It just left you hanging. What a terrible way to leave a wonderful TV series.

    219. Marcela Imbuzan

      I ve just finished to watch this tv series…and i found that is not finished….there remain so many things to show us ..must be another season or i m wrong?i can t belive that it s all..
      Is not fair.

      • Kezia

        This series was the best it deserves a second season # bringbackA.Dempire

    220. JIFFY Thailand

      This series was the best it deserves a second season # bringbackA.Dempire

    221. Pirjo Ahlroos

      Sain juuri katsottua 1 kauden 12 jaksoa jotka katsoin putkeen kun ei voinut keskenään jättää, sarja todellakin ansaitsee 2 kauden, kosketti!

    222. Leslie Jimenez

      Pleaseeee make season 2. Im so so so so upset and saddened to hear that they wont be a season two. I literally want to scream!!! I will pray for season 2.

    223. Dani’el Kannan

      The Evil one will do all it can to stop all things good from Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior …

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