At Circle of Hope this season we’re trying to see Jesus in the everyday. And it’s hard. You might think it’s impossible. But it’s not.

I’m pretty confident about this mostly because I have heard enough stories from enough people from different walks of life and in different circumstances. They’re seeing Jesus in all kinds of ways. I’ve heard enough to trust my own experiences with Jesus. Jesus IS alive and at work in the world. We made the Jesus Story Line to share that reality with each other. Call 856-720-0724 and leave a message with a short story about how you saw Jesus at work in your life. We’re trying to lower the bar on what is acceptably deemed “A Jesus Story.” No need for certainty, no need for the fantastic. The more mundane the better. Check out some of the stories we’ve gathered so far right here.

Our Jesus Story Line Booth at 3800 Marlton Pike

We’re sharing these stories because we need practice seeing and saying. We’re not used to it. We’ve kind of divorced ourselves from our own experience in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to faith. We think our experience is suspect because it’s not verifiable. It’s not authoritative. We’re not experts. There’s a bunch of reasons we doubt our experience.

I think that’s a mistake. We ought to elevate our experience, talk about it so we can trust it. How can we do that in our own heads? We need to tell the story to check it out. Maybe Jesus isn’t showing up in our lives as far as we know because every time he does we jump to another way of explaining our experience. I think that happens a lot but probably what happens more is that we don’t experience much of anything in our lives. We consume it. We let our lives happen to us with little to no reflection. We frame our experience moment by moment, by pleasure or pain, and let each moment pass.

Making meaning out of our experience takes some reflection. Telling stories and listening to other people’s stories is one way to do that. Join us in it! Call the line or come to the meeting, Sundays at 5. If you’re going to be there already, bring someone with you!