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Sleepwalkers – a Friday Sonnet


for George MacDonald

When darkness burns a hole in all our views,
And knowledge-ash-curled edges seed dismay,
Can we know anything we know we knew?
Will you show us all and call this today?
We see few truths with heartless, burned out eyes;
Twice-seared with every disappointment first,
And second by the fire’s condemning lies.
These leave us twice blind with nothing but thirst
To guide us stumbling on dark wisdom’s feet;
We’re senselessly grasping all with death’s grip,
Our sockets sooted, our hearts incomplete,
Mistakenly naming as oceans each drip.
Dawn bright, O Dayspring, name this as night–
Shine on and show us our shadowy sight.


Poem and photo by Ben White (Thanks to Gwyneth White for her assistance)


You can listen to me read it here


  1. anita brown

    I felt the kenosis

    • Brn White

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