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Welcome, Jesus, to the world and South Jersey

We really got ourselves into a mess recently at Circle of Hope.  God afflicted us with this surprising idea to shift our church planting staff around.  Nate Hulfish is moving into an Adminstrator/Communicator role for the whole church and I am moving into the role of Pastor of Marlton and Crescent.  I never would have expected this for myself, but the strange attraction to this region–this new territory where I would go as pilgrim and stranger–is sticking with me as we move forward with the plan.  It’s poetic to experience the conception of such a strange and wonderful  idea when we remember the strangeness and wonder of Jesus’ conception and the mess into which he was born.  I was dreaming a week or so ago about what it might be like.  So I went as a stranger and a pilgrim to the land of jug handles and a hundred little towns–South Jersey within 20 minutes of our outpost at Marlton and Crescent, and I found a welcome sign for each of those towns (40!).  Welcome, Jesus, to the world and to South Jersey.  Welcome, me, too.  I’m coming with Him.  Check out the slideshow of my adventurous day below.


  1. James Lavoy

    Many blessings on this new part of your adventure!

  2. benjaminpwhite

    Just realized that my pics from Audobon Park, Cinnaminson and Magnolia got left out of my slideshow- so it was actually 43 towns!

  3. Shannon

    That was quite a day….ahem….Collingswood? 😉 Blessings for a wonderful Christmas and exciting New Year!

    • benjaminpwhite

      Collinswood is in there right? And we’ve already got cells there too. Woot!

  4. benjaminpwhite

    Merry Christmas to you too btw

  5. Kim Hewlett

    Love seeing you in all my stomping grounds, Ben. You are welcomed with open arms on this side of the river!

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