Ben White, Pastor at 3800 Marlton Pike
[email protected]

I’m looking for the light and I think it’s ready to be revealed in all kinds of unexpected places, even you. I’ve found a lot of light in Circle of Hope over the past two decades. I grew up as a part of this church, playing my part even before I knew exactly what that meant. I became a Christian through soaking up the love of God in Christ as expressed to me in this community. The rhythms of cells and Sunday meetings have shaped my life and my vocation since I was a teenager. And now I’m the pastor! Wow! My wife, Gwyneth, and our two boys moved to South Jersey a few years ago from Philly to lead this congregation. I think it’s really fun to make stuff with Circle of Hope. I’m pretty ready to say “yes!” to most crazy ideas. God’s got us. I bring a poet’s sensibility to my Sunday messages and worship design, but I always want it to lead us to something we DO together. Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s usually worth it to try.

I write about some of my adventures and other thoughts on this blog. Today, if you hear my voice, the title is a reference to Hebrews 3. Our hearts get hard without tending. I’m trying to help keep the hearts I am given to tend as soft as possible, and find those whose hearts God is making soft for new connection with him among us in Circle of Hope.