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Yes, I will have 320 hot dogs. Please and thank you.

This blog post is brought to you by our generous sponsor, Hatfield Hams.  They’re giving us a case of beef franks for our Summer Block Party on Sunday June 22nd from 2-6pm.  Isn’t that nice?  Why would this vegetarian want 320 hot dogs you ask?  1) Because even I know that hot dogs are actually quite delicious and 2) I’m pulling out all the stops to have a “big thing.”  Nothing brings people together like food- especially free food- and no one is more interested in bringing people together than Jesus.

Every day I hear a story about the great things that God is doing among his people at Circle of Hope.  Yesterday it was a married couple with two small children who had organized the end of their week for them to both go on a 24 hour personal retreat in Aston, PA at the Franciscan Spirituality Center.  Now those are people who are meant to go deep with God!  Both of them have recently taken on new leadership roles among us so it is well timed for them to find some time with God.  Those are the type of Christians that are growing up at Circle of Hope.  Such is the life in Christ that we are calling people together to see.

alter street

Here’s the plan for June 22nd

A block party is not a retreat but it is a great way to love people, and know them and have fun with them.  That’s the first step in them connecting to the power of God at work among us like it is in the family on retreat.  On June 22nd there will be hot dogs, of course, and sodas, and probably other summer treats, but also a moon bounce, face painting, games and music.  I hope at least 150 people come (otherwise we’re going to have a serious hotdog surplus), so I’m telling you now.  Put it on your calendar.  The Circle of Hope Summer Tour stops at the 1300 block of Alter in a few weeks and I want the whole neighborhood and you to be there.


  1. steve hess

    i love reading your stuff ben. almost as much as i dislike reading white text against a black background

  2. rachelsensenig

    I don’t normally eat hot dogs but this invitation is pushing me over the edge. I’ll be there. “No one is more interested in calling people together than Jesus.” Yes.

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