A Bustling Weekend: Game Night, Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

On Friday night, we had our third consecutive Game Night at 2007 Frankford Ave. We started a bit later than we had in the past, at 6:30, and the time change seemed to be pretty great. We had about 20 to 30 people throughout the night, families hanging out with each other and connecting over their favorite board games. Our youngest attender was two weeks old! The gentlemen at Pizza Brain graciously donated some pies for the night again.

On Saturday, despite the rain, we had a booth at the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival and Kinetic Sculpture Derby, an annual event put on between Dauphin and Norris Streets on Trenton Avenue. We had a Photo Booth and face painting, while talking to people about Circle of Hope and making connections. We gave out Audio Art CDs, talked about the Urban Farm Day happening over at Circle Thrift, and described how Circle Thrift and Circle of Hope are connected. One of my personal favorite moments was talking to a woman from Northeast Philadelphia who doesn’t have faith and doesn’t believe in Jesus. I invited her to our Sunday Meeting, and when she protested that she wasn’t a believer I told her, “That’s cool. You can still come. We like making friends.” She thanked me for talking to her about our community, and left our booth with some information about how to connect, and a smile.

Tevyn was the star of the day, painting the faces of all the kids who wanted to participate, and Joshua even tried his hand at it when we had a line of littles waiting their turn!

-Amanda Capasso, reporting. She serves as the team leader for the gallery and events team at 2007 Frankford Ave. By day she is a legal assistant, by night a photography student. 

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