Art reflecting our rebirth

Over the past month our friend and “traveling muralist for the Lord” Dimitri Kadiev brought forth another beautiful mural! The piece titled “rebirth” serves as a reflection of the story from natural, to industrial, to the adapted new future we’re trying to create! 50 people, several cells plus some friends, got together on Tuesday night to celebrate, potluck, and pray.

This mural lives on Harold St (between Emerald & Jasper streets) in Kensington, which often serves more as an alley between the backyards of homes and industrial buildings. This block lies in the heart of the opioid epidemic, regularly used by those addicted to shoot up as well as sex workers to bring clients. Dimitri says that these kinds of spaces are precisely where Circle of Hope (and the Holy Spirit, in general) do critical work of bringing hope and regeneration. Art on this scale, he says, acts as a powerful symbol of health and hope and even our prayers. We want to bless neighbors with it, we want everyone who passes by to feel cared for and even loved — we considered them when we chose this location.

Thank you to the dozens of volunteers, neighbors who donated supplies or funds, Kristen Snow for the photo, and Rob & Rachael for their hospitality to this talented artist! 

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