Art Shop this Friday and Saturday #ArtShop

Join us this weekend for the 12th annual Art Shop! Art Shop is Circle of Hope’s annual holiday market featuring over 40 local vendors. It was started as a way to give artists and craftspeople an affordable venue to sell their work.

With the holiday season upon us, it is tempting to overspend, overconsume, and lose sight of where our money is going. Buying gifts directly from the person who made them is a great way to engage and support our local artist community. Many big business practices oppress the poor and this is one small way to follow Jesus’ call to care for the oppressed and keep our money out of the hands of the wealthy and keep it in the hands of our neighbors and friends.

You will find ceramics, paintings, prints, jewelry, wood crafts and much more! Portside Art Center will be displaying some artwork made by kids in their program, and will be facilitating a card-making station for kids. Franny Lou’s Porch will be in the lobby selling hot beverages and snacks. It will be a fun time for all!

Jenna and Lauren!

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