Beekeeping provides hope in Nicaragua

Creating roads to a new livelihood

One of our compassion teams supports an organization in Nicaragua called Nuevas Esperanzas. Nuevas Esperanzas works in remote rural communities and helps community members assess and take steps to lift themselves out of poverty. The work starts through building relationships and then moves to literally building roads to the community. It also addresses water sanitation and health so that eventually the community can focus on increasing their livelihood.

Development through beekeeping

The beekeeping project is a concrete example of a development project that can have a sustainable impact. Not only do people learn a valuable skill, but it is a skill that can earn money and help people learn about business. Beekeeping also has a positive effect on the environment by creating an alternative to slash and burn farming techniques which cause deforestation, erosion and a slew of negative consequences.

A quick update on where the beekeeping project is at the moment:

“Although honey harvest season is over and the wet season has started, the work doesn’t stop for the bees or beekeepers on Telica. Three months ago beekeepers in the community of El Caracol successfully created a host of new queen bees after a long and technical process. Now they are using them to start new hives and increase production before the next harvest.”

Mikey Master, reporting

Mikey Master is a member of the Compassion Core Team at Circle of Hope. He has traveled to Nicaragua to personally visit the projects he partners with there through Nuevas Esperanzas. Here in Philly, he works as a realtor in the community, roasts coffee for a new sustainable business project, and loves spending time at the beach with his family.

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