Ben White and Chuck E Cheese

One of the best things about the season of Lent (March 6-April 20th this year) is that it is so long. It’s long enough to start over a bunch of times. And that starting over is where the real spiritual fruit can come. You could get better at starting over. You could have more hope when you fail. You could trust God when nothing seems to be going right. You could have a master even if you haven’t mastered anything. You could be loved when you feel unlovable. You could win when you give just as much as you have. There’s a lot of time for trying. There are a lot of ways to feel it. And many days in which to do the feeling. Take the challenge with us. Feel God’s love. Even if it seems like you didn’t get anywhere in all that trying. I guarantee getting a “good try” is good enough. One way or another, you’re gonna be better by Easter.

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