Circle of Hope in the Paper

Check it out! One of our pastors, Ben White, was quoted in the Philly Inquirer the other day.

pennsauken, circle of hope, city paper, philly, philadelphia, south jersey, church, churches, circle of hopeBen went to a Special Public Meeting called by the Pennsauken Township Committee for the purpose of discussing the vision for Pennsauken. He wanted to hear what that was since we own the building in Pennsauken where our Marlton Pike congregation meets. He was quoted in an article about the meeting in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I jumped at the opportunity to dialogue,” said the Rev. Ben White, pastor of the Circle of Hope Church on Marlton Pike. “It’s a good idea. I think it should happen regularly.”

He was channeling one of our proverbs: “Dialogue keeps us connected and protects our gravity.” Being a people requires a lot of talking. We need to be of one mind rather than contented with our entitlement to our own opinions. The Township of Pennsauken doesn’t aspire to the sort of unity that we do as the church, but this type of meeting is a good way to bring the town of 36,000 people together. Ben met some interesting people and hopes to continue participating in the greater Pennsauken community’s dialogue in order to bring Circle of Hope’s open spirit and willingness to help to the table as much as possible.


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