Circle of Hope reports back from Africa

Gwen White, our teaching pastor and member of MCC US’ Board of Directors, helped pull together a MCC Learning Tour to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Along with eight other Brethren in Christ US leaders, our development pastor Rod White, leader of our Compassion Core Bethany Hornak, and one of our pastors Joshua Grace joined in the trip from April 15 – May 1.

We held space at 2007 Frankford last Tuesday night to report back and have some discussion. Over 70 people attended, including at least half a dozen cells. Gwen, Rod, Bethany, and Joshua took turns exploring what MCC does (globally and specifically), the historic connections between them and our mother denomination, some of the culture and historical differences/challenges, and highlights. We were all thoroughly impressed by MCC’s staff and partner organizations and got to enjoy some extraordinary wonders of God’s creation.

We have a significant partnership with MCC relationally and historically, as well as being consistent funders as a church and through Circle Thrift, part of the MCC Thrift Store Network. Seeing firsthand our connections working builds up Christ’s global work.

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