Circle of Peacemaker’s Festival: Soup, Stories, Songs

On a fall evening in early November, the Circle of Peacemakers Compassion Mission team hosted a night of warm food, storytelling, and songs.

The night began with a potluck of soup, bread, and cookies.  Festival-goers sat in circles of ten and got to know each other during the dinner.

After dinner, we heard stories from the lives of peacemakers and original peace songs by musicians.

Storytellers were answering the question: How did you see Jesus bring peace this past year and how were you involved?

The Storytellers were Scott Clinton, Dr. Gwen White, Benjamin Blei, Janine Leaman, Shane Claiborne, and Raissa Anstett.

The Musicians were Andrew Yang, Sarah Becker, Rob Foster, Jimmy Weitzel, and Alex Murray.

At the end of the night, the audience had the chance to tell their own stories of seeing Jesus bring his peace.

Jane Clinton, Scott Clinton, and Art Bucher, from the Circle of Peacemaker’s team, were the MCs for the event.

You can follow what’s going on with the Circle of Peacemaker’s Compassion team by checking out the Facebook Page:

Join in by contacting Art Bucher ([email protected]) , Scott Clinton ([email protected]), or Jane Clinton ([email protected]).

-Art Bucher, writing

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