Circle Thrift: pioneer in MCC’s thrift store movement

Two weeks ago I was in Virginia at Board meetings for MCC, our partner in providing relief, development, and peace around the world. Through our sharing of money with MCC, we’re able to build relationships and provide material help for people in need in 54 countries, including Haiti, the Congo and Syria (to name a few) where that need is crucial right now. I love going to these meetings, not only because I’m able to offer my help to MCC, but also because I learn about the remarkable work that’s going on in the name of Christ in so many important ways. This time, I was delighted to learn more about the MCC Thrift store movement that began decades ago in the US. We have two stores that Martha Grace and her able team have developed here in Philadelphia.

As the national director of MCC’s Thrift stores spoke about the thrift store network at this meeting, she told the story of how they have developed two models for thrift stores. The first is the original model that depends on lots of volunteers (these work really well in Lancaster county where many Amish and conservative folks are deeply involved) and the second is us! At Circle of Hope our vision was to generate job options as well as raising money for the compassionate work of MCC around the world, and so under Martha’s tireless oversight the two thrift stores that have been established here in Philly provide lots of job training, as well as lots of money to share. This idea of job generation was new for MCC Thrift stores and at first the national leadership from MCC were hesitant about it, but now they see the great good it provides and are happy to praise this new model of thrift store development that Circle of Hope has pioneered. I was so proud of us (in a good way).

I love being a part of the wide net of love that we cast at Circle of Hope. If you want more info about Circle Thrift or MCC check out their websites. Circle Thrift: or MCC:

-Gwen White, reporting

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