Coming Soon: Gungor One Wild Life Acoustic Tour

My name is Anita Brown and I’ve gathered a team that is planning for a really special night of music and connection. We hope you’ll come out on August 1st at 7pm to 1125 S. Broad, 2nd Floor, for Gungor’s acoustic show with opener Lapeer—it promises to be a unique evening where lots of members of Christ’s body come to sing and praise, to dance and breathe and leave feeling newly connected to God’s love for them.

When I first danced to Gungor three summers ago at the Wild Goose Festival my life changed. I was singing with strangers at midnight with Michael and Lisa Gungor about God and healing, love and community. It was amazing. Ever since I have been dreaming about how to make that opportunity for the Philly region. And now that dream is becoming a reality… IN THREE WEEKS!

Please come and help spread the word!  Here’s the ticket page and here’s the Facebook event.  Gungor has been making some really thoughtful music that transcends the “Christian Music” category. They are getting at what it means to be a human being in relationship to God with honest lyrics and interesting music. I’m excited to see how their recent records translate to an acoustic show.

We are hoping our bothers and sisters from other local churches (as well as people currently unsure about the church) will feel at home at this event, so invite everyone!

-Anita Brown

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