CompasShow: Benefit show for our compassion teams

With encouragement and great organizational skills from Amanda Capasso, our Circle of Hope Gallery leader, we had our first CompasShow on Saturday night! This was a benefit show where we had four bands (Camp Candle, Adornment, Darla, and Eric Van Nielsen) perform. In between the acts, we learned about three of Circle of Hope’s Compassion Teams.

The first team we focused on was Friends of Hagert Street Playground. These dedicated and caring people have been intentionally improving the old Hagert Street playground into a space of dignity and respect, and they continue to make meaningful connections between neighbors in this place.

Our local Solidarity Beyond Borders team bolsters agencies in our region who serve immigrants. We heard from Jonathan Ziegler, a team member who recently walked the Migrant Trail in solidarity with immigrants at the US border of Mexico.

The Urban Farm Team brought tons of fresh-picked kale to the show, and told us about their success and challenges to bringing fresh healthy food and fostering connection between land and people.

By attending this show, people became personally connected to what is happening in the neighborhood through our Compassion Teams, and supported it with their admission. Beyond that, we had a good time together and enjoyed a diverse night of rich music!

-Dan Snook, reporting

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